V3 Datatypes Task Force

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Scope and mandate of this group: Need a recommendation for the V3 Modeling to the TSC at the end of this month.

Call Schedule

Occurs every Tuesday effective 9/25/2012 until 11/27/2012 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

TSC concall coordinates Dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 985371#


Co-chairs: Woody, Charlie


  • Charlie Mead -
  • Hugh Glover -
  • Paul Knapp -
  • Austin Kreisler -
  • Lloyd McKenzie -
  • Ron Parker -
  • John Quinn -
  • Pat van Dyke -
  • Mead Walker -
Scribe: Lynn Laakso


See Versioning_and_Backwards_Compatibility_in_V3

  • Show a general framework of the problem and use the framework to address the Datatypes problem (Documenting what we have in place is important and then apply the Oracle model)

Product Line principles:

  • CDA Principles - R1-R2 ; R2-R3 (Austin)
  • FHIR Principles - evolving but more rigid than V3 (Lloyd) - see attachment
  • V2 Compatibility - obtain from Chapter 2 (Mead) - see attachment
  • V3 Principles - located in package note to readers on ballot site in section 5.2

past meeting notes: