2012-10-30 V3 Datatypes Task Force

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Scope and mandate of this group: Need a recommendation for the V3 Modeling to the TSC at the end of this month.

Call coordinates

TSC concall coordinates Dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 985371#


Chair: Woody


  • Charlie Mead - resigned
  • Hugh Glover - present
  • Paul Knapp - present
  • Austin Kreisler - present
  • Lloyd McKenzie - present
  • Ron Parker - regrets (hurricane)
  • John Quinn - present
  • Pat van Dyke -
  • Mead Walker - present via Skype
Scribe: Lynn Laakso


See Versioning_and_Backwards_Compatibility_in_V3#Motion_For_Dealing_with_Data_Types_R2b


Discussion ensued on NIB submitted for R2B Datatypes

  • Woody shows the updated motion for consideration,
    • collective discussion and real-time editing
    • Discussion on how much of this governance will need to reside in the GOM
    • Motion: Lloyd moves and Paul seconds approval of the document. Mead's review as a key representative of that community is desired, but he's got weather issues and not on voice. Mead votes aye via Skype. Unanimously approved.
    • ACTION ITEM: Lynn will move this into non-wiki format for TSC review
  • Further action from this task force
    • Lloyd would like a formal declaration that backwards compatibility does not apply to DSTU.
    • Motion: The Task Force, while considering backwards compatibility, whether wire-format or semantic, recognizes that DSTUs, by their nature as Draft standards, are intended to allow change when initial trials reveal weaknesses. Therefore DSTUs should never be held to a backward compatibility restriction.
    • As a corollary, if the community of implementers intends to seek backwards compatibility (based on backwards compatibility rules for that product line) to the first formally adopted version of a specification, then that first formally adopted release must be balloted as Normative, not DSTU.
    • The Task Force recommends that the TSC formally adopt this position, include these principles as a reminder on the Project Scope Statement and Notice of Intent to Ballot, add as a pro-forma notice on DSTU ballots and publication requests, and ensure that the HL7 membership understands these intents.
    • Lloyd moves and Paul seconds, unanimously approved.
    • Discussion ensued as to a box for backwards compatibility on the NIB versus the PSS.
  • We must notify the TSC that we are not aware of further requirements for the task force and no further meetings are scheduled. Austin would like a comprehensive versioning strategy, but that may be convened at another time.

Adjourned 2:02PM EDT

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