2012-09-25 V3 Datatypes Task Force

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Scope and mandate of this group: Need a recommendation for the V3 Modeling to the TSC.

Occurs every Tuesday effective 9/25/2012 until 11/27/2012 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

TSC concall coordinates Dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 985371#

Woody not available (at ISO meeting), Charlie cochairs Chair: Charlie Mead


  • Hugh Glover - present
  • Paul Knapp - present
  • Austin Kreisler - present
  • Lloyd McKenzie - present
  • Ron Parker
  • John Quinn,
  • Pat van Dyke
  • Mead Walker,
Scribe: Lynn Laakso

past meetings:


Discussion of how to proceed without Woody. Semantic differences discussed, along with industry practices in forking strategies.

Impact of FDA's interest in the backward-compatibility involvement with standards beyond SPL such as eMeasure discussed. HQMF to be wire-format backwards compatible between release 1 and release 2 is at stake.

Intent of board motion with regard to change to wire-backward compatible within a DSTU found problematic. Need to develop guidance using the board's underlying rationale with the reasons why wire-backward compatibility considerations resulted in the initial decision between Datatypes 1.1 and Datatypes 2. DSTU is a draft standard and not a suitable format for enforcing backwards compatibility. Datatypes is the normative standard. DSTU needs to enable discontinuous change and the Board motion violates that. Lloyd reiterates we need to approach a recommendation not based on what the Board said, who was responding to pressure, but on what makes sense.

Datatypes is an instance of larger problem as governable explicit versioning strategy. Need to evaluate someone else's published versioning strategy and tailor it for HL7 use. Needs to cross specification stack and cross adoption. Lloyd reminds we need to re-state and reassert the prior versioning strategy expressed regarding normative and DSTU and design - vs- run time. Need data to justify costs of deviating from current strategy. Such data might be available from large vendors. DSTU in HL7 is the beta release in the larger industry.

Hugh will ask John Hatem for some information to start as an example from Oracle. Discuss response next week. Lynn will check with Don Lloyd on his draft guidelines for versioning for Publishing. Once we have a recommendation, then circle back to apply this instance and see how it applies.

Adjourned 1:59 PM EDT.