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This is the Main Page of the HL7 TSC Wiki, supporting the elected governing body called the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) of Health Level Seven International. (HL7). The contents of this Wiki are non binding; see the HL7 website for persistent documents (minutes, standards, etc.). The HL7 TSC Wiki currently has 1,787 pages with substantive content. See articles from the main HL7 Wiki on Basic Editing and Help Resources for information about editing the Wiki. To access information, either use the search option or see the section of interest in the table below.

TSC Information

Current Work

TSC Guidance

Various tools and resources are available for people creating and implementing HL7 standards. The tools and resources that we are aware of are organized below by standards and/or function. If you have further additions to this list, please contact For documents and resources related to HL7 Standards, please check the standards page.

Past/Archived Work