2010-01-16 TSC WGM Agenda

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TSC Saturday meeting for 2010 Jan WGM

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Saturday January 16th, 2010, 9 am - 5 PM Phoenix, AZ USA

Q1: 9-10:30 AM

  • Roll Call:
  • Additions to agenda:
  • Roadmap discussion
    • TSC Roadmap Projects
    • Roadmap site
    • What is the TSC action plan under each strategic initiative for the next year? 3-5 SMART objectives for each heading...

Q2: 11 AM-12:30 PM

  • (30 mins) Open Issues List
    • Determine/recommend the tools across the organization, TSC Tracker # 323
      Status:Pending creation of project in Electronic Services; unable to identify project facilitator at this time.
    • Review the Role of the Steering Divisions TSC Tracker #749
      Status: Ed and Austin to provide an update at the 2010JanWGM
    • DCMs - Consistency of Clinical content TSC Tracker # 890
      Status:FAQ review, see email response, or listserv
    • JIC Project: Harmonised health informatics document registry and glossary, at TSC Tracker # 984
      Status: opened 3/11/2009, Project Insight #495; No PSS has come through project approval by SD or TSC
    • TSC Work Group Visibility Project 2009 TSC Tracker # 997
      Status: Work Group organizing documents continue to trickle in; Lynn suggests we close this project and open a TSC annual maintenance project for updates to Mission/Charter, SWOT, DMP.
    • TSC Project Visibility Project 2009 TSC Tracker # 998
      Status: Not an approved project; Recommend closure as Project Insight Searchable Database enhancements and 'Projects' section on Work Groups' web pages complete 2009 objectives. Do we want a 2010 Project Visibility effort?
    • How projects and work groups manage their relations with other organizations, Project Insight # 1091
      Status: ORC has not met. Are there TSC member opinions on what/how the ORC should operate so Helen has something to take back to the ORC when they meet?
    • IPR, patents, and copyright issues (TSC Tracker # 1319)
      • Discussion items for 2010JanWGM:
      1. Where do people go to raise questions about IPR/copyright?
      2. Informational item: What are we doing about managing HL7 IP access rights and decoupling from membership rights.
    • Board Request: Innovations Committee, Project Insight # 1320
      Status: Innovations Workshop scheduled for Monday Q3/Q4. Video format presentation.
    • International Council Request: quality considerations if Work Groups not meeting at WGMTSC Tracker # 1321
      Status: Last discussion Oct 7 2009. Benchmark U.S. WGM for effectiveness postmortem. What metrics should be measured?
    • HL7 Activities with other SDOs, TSC Tracker # 1337
      Status: Q4 session Sunday, Agenda
    • Document the process of ArB nomination and confirmation, TSC Tracker # 1340
      Status: Draft presented for review.
    • Foster development of product strategy - see Q3
  • (15 mins) Discuss deliverables coming out of Working Group Meeting
  • (15 mins) Review TSC Documents
  • (15 mins) Review ISO/CEN/HL7 tracking.

Q3: 1:30-3 PM

Q4: 3:30-5PM

  • HSSP Process Project Results - Galen Mulrooney
  • ArB: Charlie Mead
  • EA IP update - Marc Koehn
  • Tooling: John Quinn