TSC Risk Assessment

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TSC Risk Assessment


Task Assignments

members to look at existing documents to evaluate risk.

Consolidated risk assessment spreadsheet from 2012-11-28
GOM Section Comment Priority for Review Who
01 The Corporation 1 Very high level description of the HL7 organization as a business low
02 Purpose, Objectives, and Approach 1 Mixes mission and charter with specifics on how HL7 handles contracts low
03 Membership 3 Definition and description of various types and aspects of membership. Pretty clearly this will be changing as he Board moves forward with implementing free IP. low
04 Dues, Fees, and Donations 6 Established basics of the dues structure along with waiver process, etc. low
05 Participation 8 Establishes basic principles of voting on specifications, for co-chairs, etc. high Pat
06 Governance 10 Focused on Board level governance and Board operations low
07 Officers 21 Focused on HL7 executives, elections/appointment, responsibilities, etc. low
08 Appointed Positions 24 Focused on SDO Liaisons high Ed
09 The Working Group 24 Focuses on the TSC, ArB, Work Groups, Steering Divisions, etc. critical Austin
10 Committees and Councils 31 Board level committees and councils. Some of this overlaps with TSC or calls for TSC representation on these committees high Pat
11 Conferences, Meetings, and Educational Programs 35 Defines how meetings and education sessions are handled critical Calvin
12 Electronic Ballots 37 balloting critical Pat
13 Review Ballots 39 balloting critical Pat
14 Normative Ballot 46 balloting critical Pat
15 Submission of American National Standards 54 Processes for submitting to ANSI and managing standards approved by ANSI. critical Pat
16 Intellectual Property 56 legal stuff about HL7 IP. Likely to change in response to the free IP board policy high Jane
17 Maintenance 60 Maintenance of the GOM high Austin
18 Externally Developed Implementation Guides 63 Process for adopting or endorsing externally developed IG's. high Ed
Addendum A – HL7 Vocabulary Copyright and License 65 specific license for HL7 vocabulary. low