T3SD ConCall-20110321

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Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call:, Patrick Loyd Co-Chair; Dave Hamill; Freida Hall; Jane Curry; John Ritter; Lorraine Constable; Lynn Laakso; Mike Henderson; Rick Haddorff; Andy Stechishin; Ken McCaslin, scribe
  2. Approve Meeting Minutes - March 7
  3. Approve Agenda – Approved John Ritter makes motion to accept, Mike Henderson seconds. Against: 0; Abstain; 1 Favor; 7. Rick Haddorff and Lorraine Constable had to drop during the call.
  4. TSC Report
    • Had a good group of project scope statements.
  5. Project Review
    • none identified
  6. Steering Division Reports
    1. Education
      • Reviewed with TSC the Scope Statement for Academia engagement projects. Will be moveing forward with Phase IV of the Education WG Strategy. Need to take it before the Board and need Feedback by peers before that happens.
    2. Electronic Services
      • Took first walk thru of the questionnaire for our web service’s. Also reviewed the DMP and completed the document. Needs to talk to the issues around the model for services for balloting; need more thoughts around this. Need to make sure we are clear about publishing versus publishing what we are balloting; which is very different. This is more around the development of content.
    3. International Mentoring
      • No report
    4. Process Improvement
      • No report
    5. Project Services
      • Project Health Metrics Scope statement – Wants to create a project report card or project health. Want to deliver by the May work group meeting. Working with TSC and PS. In the TSC tracker on gForge is a list of metrics that have been discussed. Probably targeting a Red Yellow and Green status for the overall project status. Has released the proposed metrics to the TSC Tracker web page. The goal is to have parameters for further approvals of projects based on the current list of projects and their success. Trying to establish outline of where WGs are at this point for the May 2011 WGM. Motion by Dave Hamill seconded by John Ritter. Against: 0; Abstain; 0 all in favor.
    6. Publishing
      • Woody will make a comment as a Peer to the proposed GOM modifications because Publishing is not sure they need this additional communication tool and does not see this as necessary. Almost have the next ballot out.
    7. Tooling
      • Have not progressed much with NCI. NCI is having issues so have not been able to comment on it. Jane is looking what support is necessary for budget to keep the Tools up and running.
  7. New Business
    • Cancel April 4 T3SD Meeting