T3SD ConCall-20100723

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  1. Roll Call
    • Freida Hall, Mike Henderson, Lynn Laakso, John Ritter, Andy Stechishin, Ken McCaslin
  2. Agenda Review & Approval
  3. Minutes Approval
    • June 21 Minutes
      • Abstain: 0, negatively, 0; Favor: 5John, Andy
      • Co-chair needs to be corrected
      • Education project review – Developing strategic education plan (4.2)
      • 12 to 18 months to educate 50k learners.
      • Stewarts –stewards
      • We do think this will – strike this line
    • June 7 Minutes
      • Abstain: 0, negatively, 0; Favor: 5 Andy, John
      • Gora – correct spelling of name.
    • May 10 Minutes
      • Abstain: 1, negatively, 0; Favor: 4 Andy, John
  4. TSC Report (Ken/Helen/Lynn)
    • No Quorum – discussed the guideline when a project should be considered universal. HQ wanted to hear about key WGM decisions to be made at next meeting and the steering division is being encouraged that the WG would.
  5. Steering Division Work Group Reports
    1. International Mentoring
      • Have not done formal scope statements, because of the nature of the work of the team. Do not have any Port Riecor work moving forward from Joel. The Philippines had a meeting in January with a lot of work and then everything went silent after the elections and we have not heard anything back from them. No national leader to support the work in Philippines. Has reached out to IBM person who is in the country to help understand what is going on.
    2. Publishing
      • Project review – Number of projects that need updates. The update to the faciliator's guide. Will provide more update on August 2.
    3. Education
      • Mission & Charter approval request – will postpone review to August 2
      • Please pay attention the efforts going on at HHS (US) with HITECH education. Education is looking at this and determine how the WG might find contact with HHS and what HL7 might want to do.
    4. Electronic Services
    5. International Mentoring
      • Project Review
    6. Process Improvement
      • Share Updated Decision Making Process template
    7. Project Services
      • Report on Harmonization Framework
      • Steve Hufnagal Project 687 – Did meet with PS and they are planning to collaborate with Steve and his group and Rick Haddorff will work with him. They are trying to operationalize the SAIF. There also needs to be an update the operational framework.
      • [| SAIF/Sound]
      • This is a project scope statement, it is a PowerPoint that was explaining what they want to do. Plan to create a white paper that will go out for peer review, to explain how to leverage the methodology to produce ballots in a period of 1 year or shorter.
      • Do a poll. Must respond two weeks. Action: Lynn to put the poll.
    8. Tooling
      • Still proceeding with setting up their projects and finalizing the projects. The projects are mostly funded items so it is reasonable easy to set it up.
  6. New Business
    • On-line presence was only Andy and Lynn, the last word was that we would recommend a change to the co-chair handbook meeting minutes would be posted on the wiki or the web page. Mike Kingery working on wiki page protection.
  7. Agenda for next meeting
    • Review and approval of Educations Mission and Charter statement (sent by Mike Henderson on July 23)
    • Feedback regarding next WGM Key decisions made - changes as distributed to co-chairs by Lynn Laakso email [[1]]
    • August 16 – Lynn to do a demo for poll process.