T3SD ConCall-20100621

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  1. Roll Call
    • Freida Hall, Dave Hamill, Ken McCaslin, Mike Henderson, Andy Stechishin, Lynn Laakso, Helen Stevens, Steve Hufnagel, John Ritter
  2. TSC Report
    • reviewed project approval process – TSC reviewed the document. This SD reviewed this a few weeks ago. They were ok with the document, but they noticed that it needed input from the EC and therefore felt they could not approve it and therefore other sponsors needed to review and approve the document. Seemed to suggest other sponsors needed to review and validate work, like the EC to approve TSC projects. This is not necessary and overly redundant.
    • TSC co-chair's are up for nomination.
  3. Project Review
    • Both have come out of the alpha model for SAIF. They realized there was not a good definition of the products and models, so this is why these projects are coming forward. We think these did not need to come to this SD for approval. Steve will not have to come back, Project Services will provide feedback so that Helen/Ken know how to respond when this comes to the TSC.
    1. HL7 Harmonization Framework and Exchange Architecture (email)
      • Project Services is one of the co-sponsors and they will meet Thursday of this week and they do have some questions before they approve it. Defer to the next SD call.
    2. EHR System Computationally-Independent Information-Model (email).
      • Defer to the next SD call.
  4. Steering Division Reports
    1. Electronic Services
      • Project Review – Spreadsheet sent by Dave Hamill this afternoon was reviewed.
    2. Education
      • Project Review – Spreadsheet sent by Dave Hamill this afternoon was reviewed. Much of the work is reactive rather than proactive. Developing strategy education plan for HL7 International – 12 to 18 months to education 10k to 15k learners. Having problems with Stewarts to step up and do work so that projects can move forward, does not want to see one Stewart handling multiple projects. We do think this will
    3. International Mentoring
      • No update
    4. Process Improvement
      • moved ahead with DMP. It was sent out there were many comments received and it will be reviewed then move it forward. It will be brought to this SD since there are substantive changes.
    5. Publishing
      • Working on CMET issues for the Normative edition. Looking at CMET issues overall. Looking at implementation guides, we think we have two or three mechanisms and think we need to reduce this. Typically done as word and then converted into a PDF.
    6. Project Services
      • Have a new project scope statement from Rio to bring forward.
    7. Tooling
      • have all the project scope statements brought forward to make sure they have everything lined up for the next year.
  5. New Business
  6. Agenda
    1. Next meeting will be July 19
    2. Project Review International Mentoring and Publishing
    3. PIC – DMP
    4. Project Services – Report on Harmonization Framework
    5. Project Services – Project Process
    6. Mission/Charter Reviews due – Education and Publication – Not reviewed in the last 2 years
    7. Approve Meeting minutes