T3SD ConCall-20100322

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Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call
    • Attendees: Helen Stevens(co-chair), Lynn Laakso, Dave Hamill, John Ritter, Rick Haddorf, Ken McCaslin (scribe),Andy Stechishin (Joined late now have quorum)
    • Regrets: Patrick Loyd
    • Quorum not achieved for first half of meeting.
  2. Approve T3SD_ConCall-20100301 Minutes
    • Meetings approved
  3. TSC Report
    1. Projects approved - Project Visibility and PIC First Time attendee projects approved.
    2. Motion to support T3SD changes to DMP to change voting members. This is to make PIC and International Mentoring to be approved as voting members. The PMO was viewed as part of Project Services and because this is a staff position.
      • Action item: Helen to update DMP with the proposals. Have the DMP completed by WGM, Monday night. Helen will circulate it prior to the meeting.
      • Action item: Ken to update the WGM agenda to include review of DMP
    3. When projects come forward the proposing WG co-chair will join the approriate TSC meeting.
    4. TSC propoposed the WGM agenda for Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday, but the Monday night Agenda has not been put together. SD's need to send agenda items now to Helen or Ken.
      • Andy notified that if Publishing needs to present something, at the Monday meeting. He will follow-up.
  4. Review Action items from last SD Meeting:
    1. Action item: Lynn will need to check to see if she can harvest the number of messages over a period of time.
      • Can harvest number of hits on the Wiki and the web page. Has not published anything yet. And we can get the number of messages through the list server.
    2. Action item: Helen to take discussion of making PIC, PMO and Mentoring voting SD members to the TSC and get opinions and bring back on March 22nd to the SD.
      • Done see above.
    3. Action item: Helen to use the post-Kyoto questionnaire as a basis to develop a first draft of a post-WGM questionnaire and put on agenda for March 22nd SD call.
      • Postponed to conference April 12.
  5. Steering Division Reports
    1. Electronic Services
      • Nothing to report
    2. International Mentoring
      • Is there an opportunity to work together with First Time Attendees with PIC and new potential affiliates? John thought we might want to look at this in more detail.
    3. Tooling
      • Had a question from Education regarding the tooling cut over in the fall. There is an open session during WGM on Thursday afternoon. Jane is working on this.
      • Believe they do have a Thursday afternoon free for Cambridge meeting to address if there is an issue.
      • SMD is active and looking at an October cutover date.
    4. Education
      • No report.
    5. Publishing
      • preliminary ballot information is available and moving ahead. Upgrade project (based on MIF) for balloting, however, it will not be updated until next ballotting cycle.
    6. Project Services
      • Finalized presentation moving towards SAIF. Has been reviewed by Charlie Mead and Mark Kohn. Also reviewed it with MnM. It is a proposal to move towards SAEFE to do fast tracking. Ioana will also develop a white paper from this. Working on medigation of the SWOT weaknesses.
    7. PIC
      • First attendee project approved. Updating decision making practices template has been delayed due to FTE missing in action. Sent update to newsletter.
  6. Motion to cancel 3/29 Helen, Seconding Rick. All in favor. Next call 4/12.
  7. SWOT approval.
    1. Motion to approve SWOT by Rick, Seconding by Andy. All in favor.
  8. Planning Agenda for next meeting
    1. Call next week
    2. Prepare WGM Agenda
    3. DMP review
    4. Post WGM Questionaire