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Fndn&Tech Steering Divn - Conference Call (date above)


Facilitator Note taker Quorum = 5 WGs
Woody Woody Yes
Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS) Conformance & Guidance for Implementation/Testing Infrastructure and Messaging (InM)
X Knapp, Paul X Huang, Wendy . Julian, Tony
. Nelson, Dale . Oemig, Frank . Loyd, Patrick
. . . Shaver, Dave
. Snelick, Robert X Stuart, Sandy
Modeling & Methodology (MnM) RIM-Based Application Architecture (RIMBAA) Security
X Beeler, Woody . Hendler MD, Peter . Blobel PhD, Bernd
. Duteau, Jean X Stechishin, Andy . Davis, Mike
. Grieve, Grahame . Spronk, Rene . Moehrke, John
. McKenzie, Lloyd
. Natarajan , Ravi
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Templates Vocabulary
. Jorgenson, Don . Baird, Douglas . Case, James
. Beuchelt, Gerald . Roberts , John . Grain, Heather
. Rubin, Ken . Shafarman, Mark . Hamm, Russell
. McCauleu, Vince . Hausam, Rob
. Klein, William Ted
X Laakso, Lynn
. . = Absent, X = Present, r = Regrets


  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (05 min) Approve Previous Minutes & Accept Agenda
  3. Informational Items
    1. SOA WG will be approached by ArB for discussion of review of M&C for SAIF compliance and all WG may later need revision to M&C to reflect SAIF.
    2. Datatypes Task Force issue
    3. Vocab - HTA needs development of a statement of relationship with TSC and Austin needs help.
  4. (5 min) Other Business

Minutes and Agenda Approval

Approval of minutes of December 4, and agenda. Moved/Seconded by Stechishin/Huang and passed unanimously

Discussion of Informational Items

The group discussed the following informational topics that were covered during the previous day's Technical Steering Committee meeting. No formal action was taken on any of these items during this Steering Division meeting.

  1. SOA WG Mission and Charter: Subsequent to the Steering Division review and approval, questions were raised as to the Mission and Charter statement from SOA, particularly as regards references to the SAIF framework. The ARB will approach SOA to discuss such revisions. In the future, individual Work Groups, and the Steering Division should be aware of the need to reference the SAIF, as appropriate in the declarations of Mission and Charter responsibilities.
  2. Data Types Task Force Recommendations: The recommendations of the Data Types Task Force received final approval. The approval had been held up pending agreement on the scope of applicability for the recommendations. In the end it was agreed that the scope would be limited to the Structured Product Label activity and those artifacts upon which SPL is dependent.
  3. Vocab - HTA Proposal: The proposal for the HL7 Terminology Authority remains in the approval stage. It is awaiting agreement between the Vocabulary Work Group, and the TSC chair regarding the appropriate relationship of the HTA to both the board, and the Technical String Committee.


The meeting adjourned at 40 minutes past the hour.

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