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TSC - Technical Steering Committee

Monday, April 14th, 2008 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
To participate, dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 124466#
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  • CTO: John Quinn
  • Domain Experts: Jim Case (primary), Austin Kreisler (alternate)
  • Foundation & Technology: Ioana Singureanu (primary), Woody Beeler (alternate)
  • Structure & Semantic Design: Calvin Beebe (primary), Gregg Seppala (alternate)
  • Technical & Support Services: Ken McCaslin (primary), Helen Stevens Love (alternate)
  • Affiliate: Frank Oemig,
  • ARB Chair: Charlie Mead
  • HQ: Karen Van Hentenryck


  • Charles Jaffe (CEO); Ed Hammond (HL7 Chair); Chuck Meyer (HL7 Vice Chair)



  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call - The following individuals participated in the call: Charlie McCay, Calvin Beebe, Jim, Austin Kreisler, Ken McCaslin, Ioana Singureanu, Gregg Seppala and Karen Van Hentenryck. Quorum was NOT established and thus no formal business was conducted. Notes from the information discussion are provided below.
    2. Plans for May WGM. There is a rough agenda at the end of the wiki page. We need to get the project list updated. Other items suggested for the agenda are:
      • Review open task items
      • Review project list
      • Discuss managing projects going forward – We need to draft a beneficial process for determine when a project is at risk and communicating that to the committee. There is also a balance between the TSC’s role in managing the work and project services committee’s role. McCaslin feels that project services will simply ensure that the committees have the necessary tools to be successful. Oversight would fall to the TSC.
      • Formal transformation of TCs and SIGs to working groups – The membership needs to understand what is happening, why and when and the transformation should be reflected on web pages and in other communications, etc.
      • Ballot issues related to closing ballot pool sign up two weeks prior to the ballot close.
      • Transition maintenance process related to GOM – The group was reminded that peer review is being conducted from now through April 25. Peer review is relevant only to the change to allow abstentions to carry forward. Discomfort with the GOM change management was due mostly to the lack of communication. McCay asked if there were other ballot issues that need to be addressed before the September ballot. No other issues were identified.
    3. Informal discussion about ballot pool discussion issue – Chuck suggests separating the two issues related to balloting. The first issue is related to carrying abstentions forward to subsequent ballot pools and the second being allowing new people to join the ballot pool in subsequent ballots. Meyer wants to formalize the abstention issue for the EC call late in April rather than waiting for the May WGM.
    4. Sharing information on Monday night – The Technical and Support Steering Division is suggesting that the TSC reconsider its policy on eliminating presentations at the TSC meeting on Monday evening. Some co-chairs in this steering division feel there is value in vetting the information prior to general announcement to the membership. ACTION ITEM: Steering Division co-chairs will query their steering divisions for topics they would like to address at the Monday evening TSC meeting. Any suggested topics should be forwarded to the TSC via the listserv.

Call adjourned at 11:37 am ET.

Agenda item list (our sand box for future meetings)

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