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Action Items from GForge

This section is for action items from GForge:

ID Summary Assignee Open Date
1322 Review and re-confirm ArB membership biannually starting September 2010 Plenary jquinn 8/1/2010
1537 From 2010-04-12_TSC_Call_Minutes: ACTION ITEM – Woody/Mead will CONTACT ITS and Conformance to ensure they are on board with greenCDA modules for CCD. dmead:woody_beeler 4/19/2010
1539 From 2010-03-29 - Action Item: Ron to pull the elevator pitch out for TSC review. rongparker 4/19/2010
1544 From 2010-02-22: Lynn will look into options for version control for a common approach, with John’s and Austin’s help jquinn:akreisler:llaakso 2/22/2010
1548 From 2010-05-03: John and Charlie Mead will work on a one sheet overview of SAIF vs NIEM, reviewed by ArB with the HL7 position. jquinn 5/3/2010
1573 Identify actions needed to be taken by the TSC based on Roadmap subcommittee recommendations. jquinn 6/2/2010
1574 Develop Quality Plan project scope statement akreisler 6/2/2010
1576 Work with Project Services to draft a template for Project Communication plan llaakso 6/3/2010
1577 provide the NCI governance to Austin charliem22 6/3/2010
1578 Create Project Scope Statement for TSC WGM Development Project hstevens 6/3/2010
1579 Create Project Scope Statement for TSC Product and Services Strategy Project kmccaslin 6/3/2010
1580 Create Project Scope Statement for TSC U.S. Healthcare Readiness Plan jquinn:kmccaslin 6/3/2010
1581 Create Project Scope Statement for TSC T3F Strategic Initiative Review Project woody_beeler 6/3/2010
1582 Create Project Scope Statement for TSC Innovations Project edward_tripp 6/3/2010
1583 Create Project Scope Statement for TSC Communication Plan Project ravinatarajan 6/3/2010