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TSC - Technical Steering Committee

Monday, October 1, 2007 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)

To participate, dial 702-894-2444 and enter pass code 1244667#


Jim Case, Ioana Singureanu, Chuck Meyer, Woody Beeler, Ken McCaslin, Austin Kreisler, John Quinn (convenor), Gregg Seppala, Karen Van Hentenryck (staff)


  1. (05 min) Roll Call and agenda review - John Quinn asked if there were additional items for discussion on today’s call. ACTION ITEM: Add affiliates to the standing reports.
  2. (05 min) Approve of minutes from WGM - MOTION by Beeler: To approve the minutes as distributed; seconded by McCaslin. Motion passed unanimously.
  3. (05 min) Review of administrative issues/action items -
  4. 8HQ/administrative items – List servers for each of the steering divisions have been created and co-chairs have been subscribed. Co-chairs may be subscribed to any SD list, and a note to that effect will be distributed from HQ later this week.
    • Single e-mail for organizational issues – Singureanu suggested additional discussion on the topic, adding that a “referred to” column on the spreadsheet would be helpful. Singureanu will bring forward a form that has been used on other committees for submission of issues and subsequent prioritization and tracking. Beeler noted the staff person supporting the committee could work with the chair to triage the issues. That is part of the process, but we still need to develop the full process. Beeler noted that there is a crude beginning of that under the TSC Communications plans ACTION ITEM: Singureanu will provide staff with the form that she has; staff to review and suggest process that will be refined by TSC
    • DMPs – Beeler noted that this action item is complete.
    • Steering Division reps to the Tech Editor advisory group - Virginia Lorenzi and Dick Harding were identified as the reps from the Technical and Support Services SD; Jim Case will serve as the representative from the Domain Experts SD, Keith Boone and Savithri Devaraj were identified as the reps from Structure & Semantic Design SD; Ioana Singureanu will serve as the rep from the Foundation & Technology SD.
    • 2008 Publishing Schedule – D Lloyd has prepared a schedule and submitted it to Publishing for review. Beeler noted that Publishing did vote on the schedule, although there was a small quorum and H. Stevens-Love was not on the call and she should have an opportunity to validate it. Beeler notes that the TSC could adopt this schedule as it is pretty standard. MOTION by McCaslin: That the TSC approve this schedule with the caveat that H. Stevens may have changes. Seconded by Kresiler. The motion passed unanimously
    • Electing TSC chair – two members have yet to submit their vote. Voting closes on Wed, Oct 3
  5. (15 min) Review/triage of issues list - Beeler noted some of the issues are process (6-10). The first 3 items and 11-12 can and should be delegated to other groups/individuals.
    • Resolution of TSC issues submitted by Joann Larson –Both of these will be addressed in an Implementation Note. ACTION ITEM: Karen Van to draft the Implementation Note under John Quinn’s name
    • Role of the ARB – Quinn has had discussions with various people regarding the ARB. Meyer noted that he will ask the Board to identify any committees that the Board wishes to retain. It makes sense that ARB should not be assigned to one of the four steering divisions. Meyer noted that most Board appointed committees have an elected chair and an appointed chair. Finding the right person with the appropriate skills to chair these committees is sometimes an issue. Quinn suggested that we ask the ARB to submit a report for each call. Items 8-9 are delegated to Quinn.
    • Determine whether distinction between the TCs/SIGs will be retained – McCaslin noted that the Electronic Services Committee has done away with the notion of TCs/SIGs and wondered if that would help the TSC come to closure on this issue. Beeler also noted that the rules for harmonization have changed and SIGs can now submit harmonization proposals without TC approval. ACTION ITEM: Beeler/Van Hentenryck to draft a list of distinctions between SIGs/TCs.
    • Requests from TC/SIG to move to a different steering division – Beeler noted that we have a process and that it that it be brought up through the steering division up to the TSC. From the T3F’s perspective, we should defer decisions for the moment. If we can generalize the document that D. Hamill provided at the TSC meeting (decision making processes for new committees) to deal with charters/missions, etc, we already have the process. MOTION - Issues dealing with TCs/SIGs should be dealt with in same fashions that scope, etc are handled. Any substantive SD decision is subject to appeal. Those should eventually be documented and posted somewhere. ACTION ITEM: Staff will assist with drawing up these processes

Motion by McCaslin at 12:01 pm ET to adjourn.

Agenda item list (our sand box for future meetings)

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