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TSC - Technical Steering Committee

Monday, August 24, 2009 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
To participate, dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 124466#
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  • Austin Kreisler
  • Ravi Natarajan
  • Gregg Seppala
  • Ioana Singureanu

Meeting Admin

Roll Call - The following individuals joined the call:

At Name Affiliation Email Address
x Calvin Beebe HL7 SSD SD cbeebe@mayo.edu
x Woody Beeler HL7 FTSD woody@beelers.com
Jim Case HL7 Ad-Hoc jtcase@ucdavis.edu
Bob Dolin HL7 Chair-elect BobDolin@gmail.com
x John Koisch HL7 ArB jkoisch@guidewirearchitecture.com
Austin Kreisler HL7 DESD austin.j.kreisler@saic.com
x Lynn Laakso (scribe) HL7 HQ lynn@hl7.org
x Ken McCaslin HL7 TSS SD Kenneth.H.McCaslin@QuestDiagnostics.com
x Charlie McCay (chair) HL7 TSC Chair charlie@ramseysystems.co.uk
x Charlie Mead HL7 ArB Charlie.mead@booz.com
Ravi Natarajan HL7 Affiliate Ravi.Natarajan@nhs.net
x John Quinn HL7 CTO jquinn@hl7.org
Gregg Seppala HL7 SSD SD gregg.seppala@va.gov
Ioana Singureanu HL7 FTSD ioana@eversolve.com
Helen Stevens Love HL7 TSS SD helen.stevens@shaw.ca
x Ed Tripp HL7 DESD Edward.tripp@estripp.com
  1. Accept Agenda – agenda accepted
  2. Approve Minutes from 2009-08-10_TSC_Call_Minutes –unanimously approved
  3. Review action items
    • DAM as normative document; how to claim conformance: Report from ArB after OOC meeting.
    • carry to ArB report

Standing Committee Reports/Approvals

  1. CEO Report – none available
  2. CTO Report: Attended one day of ArB OOC meeting and Harmonization. Will let Woody and Charlie talk about the meetings. Spent Thursday on advisory panel for state of Virginia on HIE standards.
    • EA IP Update: eight separate projects identified to be registered. Plenty of service projects, although not many / enough on messaging or documents. Struct Docs has some internal conflict on participation, NCI may be able to do an external project if we cannot get an internal.
  3. ArB Report – Charlie Mead reports that on Tuesday they talked about status of where we are with SAEAF, including high profile interest and adoption of SAEAF outside of HL7. Need to identify governance and intellectual capital control of the SAEAF. NCI seeding an international interoperability cooperative called BIGHealth, open source in OHT but with interest from commercial vendors, based on one or more EAS from the SAEAF, especially ECCF and Behavioral Framework. NCI wishes to be a consumer but not the administrator. On Thursday there was discussion on DAMs with formal motion 7 in favor one abstention, ArB does not think DAMs should be normative. It may come to that at a future time, but that is the current recommendation.
    • John Koisch adds there were action items regarding governance coming from the meeting. Review of HSSP reference architecture in February produced documentation on the gaps to the SAEAF but they have not heard back from HSSP on whether these gaps were addressed. RASCI chart was developed from HSSP but ArB did not develop their own. ArB feels the TSC needs to step in and make ruling on whether HSSP can state they have the ‘HL7 Services Reference Architecture’, and the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the SAEAF’. Request to give TSC feedback to the project and these activities. Woody agrees we should clearly establish the primacy of the HL7 ArB in these activities and that HSSP does not seem to understand that. Koisch adds that the Hitchhiker’s Guide was a welcome development but that it is not addressing all the gaps. There was a request that the SAEAF be ‘branded’ or trademarked, which John Quinn passed on to Chuck Jaffe. Woody recommended the ‘SA’ at the beginning be removed, as was discussed in earlier TSC proceedings.
    • This raised the issue of the state of HSSP as a work group under FTSD, as compared to an autonomous body. Need to worry about HSSP being compliant with SAEAF not the reverse. HSSP appears to be positioning themselves as an independent organization containing the SAEAF product, when in fact HL7 involvement with HSSP through the SOA work group.
    • John Koisch recounts the CTS2 discussion regarding clarity regarding involvement with SAEAF as the HL7 product as compared to the HSSP model, including the governance framework. Saying that HL7 SAEAF implies certain governance structures is a helpful thing.
    • Charlie Mead adds that in a meeting with Richard Soley of OMG in January there was genuine commitment to action items needed to make this thing work.
    • Woody discussed another conversation from the ArB meeting and OMG, services jointly balloted by HSSP and OMG having RIM-based content, specific to CTS. He notes a concern that the RFP for OMG will not conform to the model for CTS2, and specifications coming out of the joint activity are not adequately conformant to the RIM. John Koisch notes that the notion of conformance stuff versus governance stuff needs to be clarified. The MOU could be revisited with appropriate language to ensure requirements are being met in the standards development process. Charlie McCay would like to see a concrete proposal. Action Item: Woody and John Koisch will work with the steering division.
  1. Affiliates Report – no report.
  2. Domain Experts –
    • Please note that recently DSTU and Informative document publication requests have been submitted to the TSC when this requirement (responses to comments received for both Informative and DSTU ballots be posted on the Ballot Desktop) has not been met. Going forward, Don Lloyd advises the TSC that these requests should not be approved until this requirement has been met. Austin proposes (listserv thread) that the relevant work groups be given a few days to get the reconciliation package posted, and if they don't then the TSC instruct HQ to close down the ballots. E.g. Informative ballot by Clinical Genomics lacking reconciliation posting. Based on this proposal Charlie McCay asks whether anyone has spoken to the editors; Ed Tripp will follow up. Recommendation approved.
    • For TSC approval: with exception by TSC for lack of Project Scope Statement: withdrawal of HL7 Version 3 Standard: Notifiable Condition Report, R1 by Patient Safety; aka ANSI/HL7 V3 RRNCR, R1-2004; HL7 Version 3 Standard: Public Health Reporting: Case Investigation Topic, Release 1 11/3/2004; TSC Tracker #1100, to be followed by a Normative ballot, based on recent feedback from ANSI (GOM update forthcoming).
    • Discussion reveals the TSC wishes to follow the process. Ed will contact Patient Safety for a one-line PSS.
    • Ed has confirmed that the negative ballot on the Annotated ECG will be withdrawn, so a second reaffirmation ballot will not be required. However there were vocabulary elements drawn from datasets that were empty, that Publishing has addressed. Woody described how the Publishing committee puts out material received from the committees; if there is no content published the committees have not provided it.
  3. Foundation & Technology – Woody said the Steering Division had not met.
  4. Structure & Semantic Design –
    • Project Approval: OO - Blood Center System to System Messaging Project Proposal; PSS at TSC Tracker #1113; Project unanimously approved.
  5. Technical & Support Services –
    • Education's SWOT and three year plans: Reviewed and provided feedback to the co-chair of Education regarding their SWOT and three year plans. Updated SWOT and three plan to follow the September WGM in Atlanta.
    • Project Approved - for consideration by the TSC ED
      New Product Consideration and proposal - The Technical and Support Services Steering Division recommends that the TSC consider the development of a new product category that will support the work that Education is doing. Motion: Create a new product category called Education Services. Courses developed to provide additional delivery methods for delivering education outside of education summits and Work Group Meetings will be included in this category. This will include many formats for eLearning including Computer Based Learning, Pod Casts and partnership with organizations that have already exploited alternative learning methods and delivery processes. Product unanimously approved. Needs to be added to PSS.
    • Technical and Support Services Steering Division has approved the following project scope statement and makes a motion that the TSC approve the project scope statement called E-Learning Course Program Administration (see TSC Tracker # 1112) Project unanimously approved.
    • Project Services' Project Insight Review and Cleanup team requests the TSC's cooperation to ask the Work Groups to allocate time at the WGM to review their projects and three year plans. Recommendations for format and structure guidelines [1] per TSC Tracker # 1082. Specifically, to remind them: when they submit their agendas to include agenda time for project review and planning, to each Steering Division listserv prior to the WGM, at the co-chairs dinner/meeting, and again at the Steering Division breakout session. Ken suggests to defer the vote one week to give more time to review.

Discussion topics

Product Visibility Project

  • Update on TSC Tracker 999: TSC Product Visibility Project Proposal
  • Request the TSC approve HL7 Wiki Draft Product List in order to send the Product Brief templates to the appropriate work groups to fill out. Product List unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned 12:00 PM EDT

Future Agenda item list

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