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TSC - Technical Steering Committee

Monday, November 03, 2008 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
To participate, dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 124466#
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GoToMeeting ID: 822-618-174 

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  • CTO: John Quinn
  • Domain Experts: Jim Case (primary), Austin Kreisler (alternate)
  • Foundation & Technology: Ioana Singureanu (primary), Woody Beeler (alternate)
  • Structure & Semantic Design: Calvin Beebe (primary), Gregg Seppala (alternate)
  • Technical & Support Services: Ken McCaslin (primary), Helen Stevens Love (alternate)
  • Affiliate: Frank Oemig,
  • ARB Chair: Charlie Mead
  • HQ: Karen Van Hentenryck


  • Charles Jaffe (CEO); Ed Hammond (HL7 Chair); Chuck Meyer (HL7 Vice Chair); Ed Tripp (newly elected TSC member); Ravi Natarajan (newly elected TSC member)



  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call - The following individuals joined the call: Charlie McCay, John Quinn, Austin Kreisler, Gregg Seppala, Jim Case, Frank Oemig, Ken McCaslin, Ioana Singureanu, Helen Stevens Love, Woody Beeler, Charlie Mead, Chuck Meyer and Karen Van Hentenryck.
    2. Accept Agenda - No changes to the agenda were accepted.
    3. Approve Minutes from our October 27th call - Minutes were unanimously approved.
  2. (20 min) Standing Committee Reports/Approvals
    1. CEO Report - No report was submitted
    2. CTO Report - The following report was submitted via email [1]. Charlie McCay reported that there was interest expressed last week in having HL7 and IHTSDO exchange/share project information in much the same way that we exchange project information with CEN and ISO. We should consider adding these projects to the Project Insight database; McCaslin will address this issue with Project Services. Quinn suggested that we add a project to project insight for each ISO and/or CEN project that is requesting something of HL7. This will allow us to track the projects.
    3. ArB Report - Charlie Mead reported that the ArB face-to-face meeting will convene next week. The comments received thus far on the SAEAF document fall into three categories 1)clarifications/questions 2) stylistic issues 3) harmonziation with SOA and questions related to why we aren't using some of the existing standards. This last category of comments will be the most difficult to deal with. They envision spending 1/3 of their time net week discussing the behavior architecture, and 1/3 of their time discussing the SAEAF document; the other topics that arise during the discussion will consume the remaining time. The goal is to come away from the meeting with enough information to produce a second draft of the architecture document. Charlie also noted that NCI is starting a Bighealth consortium, which is embracing the ArB architecture work. This is the first time that NCI has totally embraced HL7 work, which is encouraging. Singureanu asked if the SAEAF document comments are posted somewhere. Charlie Mead asked if they should be posted without responses/resolution or whether they should be posted with their responses following the meeting. Singureanu suggested that they be posted before the meeting without response. The comments can be updated later once a resolution has been agreed to.
    4. Affiliates Report - Nothing to report.
    5. Domain Experts -
      • MOTION by SD: To approve the Emergency Care DAM, Release 1 project [2]. The project was unanimously approved.
    6. Foundation & Technology - Singureanu reported that last week the Foundation and Technology Steering Division discussed a proposal regarding HL7 Ping. The request to make this specification mandatory upon its balloting was rejected at this time and a set of recommendations were provided by the SD to the InM work group and documented in the meeting minutes. The future "HL7 Ping" specification may be of interest to the ArB. McCaslin noted that he does not support HL7 ping as a requirement.
    7. Structure & Semantic Design - Gregg Seppala reported that the Assessment project from Structured Documents is being voted on at the Steering Division level. When that vote has concluded, the project will be brought forward to the TSC for vote. Oemig noted that the project is very similar to one being developed by Patient Care. Kreisler indicated that he was on the Structured Documents call where this was discussed. Patient Care was represented on that call and agreed to co-sponsor the project. Essentially, this is a CDA implementation of the Patient Care project.
    8. Technical & Support Services - McCaslin submitted the report below via email:
      • Project: 364 Identify Work Group Document Locations - Need Steering Division support with WG's to get turn around on the spreadsheet distributed to WG and SD Co-chairs asking for URL's of where documents are located if the work items are not on the WG web page located at Due dates are November 14 for WG and October 31 for SD.
      • Steering Division determined that the best solution for strategy plan at the Steering Division would be to review the 2008 roadmap and put a strategy around those items that the SD might impact. Expect to have a preliminary strategy plan for the November 8 conference call.
      • McCaslin is also concerned regarding a lack of progress on the policy for vendor demonstrations at the WGMs. Meyer reported that he drafted a policy and distributed it to the TSC for review but has had no response from TSC members. Meyer feels this has to do with a distinction between holding vendor demonstrations on products that will advance the business of HL7 as opposed to vendors simply demonstrating their products. The Tooling committee has scheduled a call this week to discuss Meyer's draft policy, so there is forward movement. ACTION ITEM: This issue will be brought back to the TSC in the near future for discussion. Stevens Love would like TSC discussion around how to demonstrate tools that help people implement our standards, and whether these demonstrations should be allowed at the WGMs.
  3. (30 min) Discussion topics
    • Review draft mission/charter template - C(TSC Issue: 593)[3] - Jim Case drafted this template. The most difficult portion of the template is the formal relationships section, particularly those with outside organization. These relationships are approved by the Board, not by the Work Groups or Steering Divisions. Kreisler noted that this needs to be explicit on the template. ACTION ITEM: TSC members will send comments/edits on the draft template to Case by Thursday so that this item can be brought forward for vote on the Nov 10 call.
    • Review of updated DMPs [4] - Case submitted some comments to the TSC a few weeks ago. The most substantive comment was related to eliminating proxy voting from the document. Others noted that the updated DMPs indicate that they are to be adopted by the committees at the end of the Jan WGM. The TSC believes that the January WGM deadline is too early for those committee's that have adopted DMPs, but are not using the Generic document as it was. For those committees, the TSC recommends that the WGs be given until the end of the May WGM, 2009, to review and adopt DMPs that are consistent with the GOM, and have considered the changes in Relase 2 of the Generic DMP. ACTION ITEM: TSC members can send their comments on the DMPs to Van Hentenryck and she will forward them to PIC.
    • Review ballot titles, etc for Jan 09 ballot cycle [5]. A few typographical errors were identified; Don Lloyd will correct those. MOTION to approve the new ballots, ballot titles, etc was unanimous.

Call adounred at 11:52 at ET

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