Work Group Three-Year Plans

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Work Group Three-Year Plans (Strategic Forecasting)

Work Groups' Three Year Planning projects are visible herein the Project Insight Searchable Database, having a Project Status of 'Three-Year Plan Item'

  • Activities identifiable as Projects that can be scheduled in three-year plans should be sent to the PMO for inclusion in the Project Insight Searchable Database. For a project intended to communicate future planning you can include as little as a title, description, and anticipated date when work will begin.
    • As planning dates come near, a full project scope statement should be developed and approved through the Work Group, Steering Division, and TSC.
    • Three-year plans should be reviewed (and updated if necessary) at least annually.

  • Why create three-year plans? See November 2008 Technical Newsletter (Headline bottom of page 7, content begins on page 8), here