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From: [1] On Behalf Of Charlie McCay Sent: 14 February 2008 17:26 To: Subject: technical newsletter


I propose that we start to produce a technical newsletter by using the material in the project insight extract spreadsheet that was circulated earlier this week [1]. A newsletter every 4 weeks could highlight 4 projects, sending out their scope statements, and a couple of lines of current status from the project facilitator.

To create such a newsletter 8 candidate projects would be selected, and the project facilitator for each asked to confirm the details and provide current status. The first four or five to respond would be sent out, with new requests going out to other projects to fill the pipeline.

We could add a "News from the TSC" and "News from the ArB" section as well -- but the charm of using the project material is that it is all there, and very interesting...

All the best