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TSC Project Manager goals and objectives

Work Group Health Documents:

  1. Summarize criteria of work group activity, measured by:
    • Having active projects in Project Insight;
    • Demonstrating project progress by having ballot presence;
    • Having a defined 3 year plan and SWOT analysis;
    • Evidence of an “online presence” in things like
      1. up to date meeting minutes posted to the HL7 web site,
      2. wiki presence,
      3. GForge website presence,
      4. and listserv activity for a work group;
    • Regular meeting activity recorded by conference calls, both for the Work Group and by participation in the Steering Division;
    • Work Group meeting activity at WGM

Project Activity

  1. Clean up, drive to closure, and maintain TSC issue tracker
  2. Review Work Groups’ Three-Year Plans for alignment to the Roadmap objectives and definitions of Project Scope Statements for projected work
  3. Work with the PMO to identify, determine status of, and resolve dormant projects
  4. Provide TSC better tracking and visibility of ISO – related projects, adding to Project Insight: RIM, 2.5, Clinical Genomics, ICSR, EHR Func Model.
  5. Other duties for related to the SAEAF project and keeping that project moving, communications flowing, etc.

Facilitate Communications

  1. Update, maintain, or assist with the Communications to, and Communications from, the TSC as identified in the TSC Communications Plan
  2. Provide admin support to the TSC.
  3. Pursue potential authors to submit articles for a “TSC Newsletter”