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Charlie’s recommendations:

  • Ensure that the TSC f2f and telcon meetings run smoothly, and are properly prepared for
  • Track the progress of the TSC against its success criteria
  • Actively manage the TSC issues log and help drive issues to closure
  • Support the improved visibility of status and plans for projects, products and work groups
  • Undertake analysis projects as assigned by the TSC

Job description (from posting)

HL7 TSC Project Manager

  1. Summary:
    • Assist HL7’s Technical Steering Committee (TSC) manage a project database, organize information from various sources on the current activities in each Work Group, review and create monthly summary reports on all active projects.
  2. Required Duties:
    • To assist the TSC and specifically the TSC Chair, CTO and Associate Executive Director in the following:
      • Manage the HL7 Work Group Project Database:
        1. Review and create a summary report on all active projects monthly or as directed.
        2. Create periodic reports for the TSC, its Steering Divisions (SDs) and the constituent Work Groups (WGs) on projects, projects statuses.
        3. Organize information from various sources on the current activities in each Work Group and report on the alignment of WGs activities to current business and technical plans of the organization.
        4. Periodically review each WG’s web site(s), Wiki’s or other documented WG communications mechanism; verify each activities alignment to the current projects list and initiatives being addressed by the TSC.
        5. Manage a “gap” report that identifies each active or upcoming initiative on HL7’s plan documents (business & technical plan and/or “road map”) that does not have corresponding and matching project in the TSC Project Database.
        6. Other activities as directed by the HL7 Associate Executive Director