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Technical Directorate

The Technical Directorate (TD) is responsible for product project approval and management oversight. It will rely on both staff and volunteers with increasing levels of professional staffing as the financial model allows. Note: Volunteer representatives to the TD should have sufficient support from their employers to ensure an average of 3-4 hours/week participation.


  • CTO is chair of the TD
  • 3 representatives being the co-chairs of the Technical Steering Committee, one each from Foundation & Technologies (F&T), Structure & Semantic Design (S&SD), and Domain Expertise (DE). These are volunteer-filled positions which focus on the technical content of standards development, ensuring that they meet end-user needs, and make recommendations to the Board on project priorities.
  • 3 representatives appointed by the Affiliates Council and reconfirmed annually with one being a member of the US Affiliate
  • 2 representatives appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the CTO and re-confirmed by Board vote annually, to fill gaps in skill sets, provide balance and ensure capacity to track and manage joint projects with other SDOs
  • 2 representatives elected at-large for two-year terms from a slate of candidates prepared by the CTO in collaboration with the TSC co-chairs
  • Board appoint one additional member
  • One member elected at large
  • Technical staff and consultants (non-voting)


  • Supports CTO in development and implementation of HL7 Technical Architecture and standards development
  • Approves, monitors, and may intervene in product project development
  • Oversees standards development
  • Responsible for methods and process for quality assurance
  • Sets milestones, monitors and ensures that quality assurance has been done
  • Explains to project-sponsoring committee requirements for quality assurance and monitor committee performance to carry out QA
  • Approves new work groups based on priority projects
  • Resolves cross-domain content issues
  • Oversees continuous quality process
  • Defines international harmonization mechanism and manages process
  • Identifies gaps, overlaps and recommends resolution
  • Refers questions to Technical Steering Committee for discussion
  • Reviews and approves requests from Technical Committees to initiate a ballot
  • Reviews requests for new projects. Upon acceptance of the proposal, solicits input from the TSC for appropriate committee placement
  • Manages progress and productivity, resolves committee charters against the product and services strategy set by the Board
  • Recommends project probation or dissolution to the Board following collaboration with the TSC

Operation of the TD:

  • Meets bi-weekly between Working Group Meetings (WGM)
  • Meets on the opening and closing day of each WGM
  • Meetings are open to the public, unless called into executive session by CTO; non-members may ask to be recognized