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  1. Roll call: Abdul-Malik Shakir, Margie Kennedy, Dave Hamill, Lorraine Constable, Patrick Loyd, Andy Stechishin, Jane Daus, Mike Henderson, Freida Hall, Rick Haddorff, Ken McCaslin, John Ritter
  2. Agenda
    • Project Ballot and Standards
    • T3SD conf call time and frequency
  3. Minutes:
  1. Project, Ballot, and Standards
    • Review the PBS Metrics
    • Send notice regarding the DSTU expire, notice to the co-chairs two ballot cycles prior to the expiration and the ballot cycle before.
    • Trying to clean-up old data.
    • Have a healthier work group
      • How does this get updated?
      • One feed is through the ballot desktop – balloter’s inputting their ballots, co-chairs updating the reconciliation, balloters responding to the reconciliation – due real time.
      • The red items are the Review for Potential Issues
    • Action item: What is the source data for the WG pieces in WG HL7.org area – Dave Hamill
    • Action item: Do on-hold projects show in the statistics – Dave Hamill
    • For ballot items not moving forward, it maybe necessary to do a withdraw of the ballot when it is not moving.
    • Action item: Have the PBS metric on the searchable project list – Dave Hamill
    • Action item: Change project status of blank and change to unknown – Dave Hamill
    • Action item: State transition diagram for project insight project status – Dave Hamill
  2. T3SD conf Call time/Frequency
    • Currently Monday @ 4:30pm ET/1:30pm PT/3:30pm
    • Keep Monday
    • Time: 4pm ET
    • Frequency – every two weeks –
    • ½ hour one meeting and then 1 hour on the next meeting. The next meeting would be the meeting where there are WG updates ever other meeting and do not need to fill up the hour if it is not needed.
    • June 6 is the first day – ½ hour - Need to skip May 23 due to Canadian holiday and May 30 due to US Holiday
  3. International Mentoring is sponsoring an Academic scope statement to drive work with university students want to tie it together with PIC
    • Target Academic students – with an HL7 focus –
    • International Mentoring would like to work with PIC to drive this process
    • People from around the country to drive the process
    • This is a little past the scope of the project proposed by PIC, need to get together.
  4. Please do not forget to vote in WG chair elections and be aware that the T3SD/TSC nominations are happening now and the elections will take place sometime prior to the WGM in September.