T3SD WGM-201010

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  1. Attendees: Patrick Loyd (Electronic Services), Andy Stechishin (V3 Publishing), Jane Daus (V2 Publishing), Freida Hall (Project Services), Rick Haddorff (Project Services), Abdul-Malik Shakir (Education), Mike Henderson (Education), Dave Hamill (PMO), Jane Curry (Tooling), John Ritter (International Mentoring), Helen Stevens Love (Chair), Klaus Veil (V2 Publishing), Ken McCaslin (Scribe)
  2. WGM Australia - Project Services is the only WG that will need an Active Co-chair.
  3. Education would like to be a board committee – Two issues were taken that had a negative impact on the speakers. They feel they need to be at the table.
  4. Marketing committee might be better placed in T3SD
  5. Publishing feels they have been adequately represented at the SD.
    • Motion: T3SD ask TSC Chair when the board has an agenda item that has an impact on a WG that the Board should invite the co-chairs of that WG and/or SD to the meeting. Motion by Andy, second by Patrick
      • Against: 0 Abstain: 0, Favor: 6
    • We are not seeing the publishing of the board decisions. We need to see the board decisions provide on a timely basis.
      • Tooling, most of our WGs have liaisons in staff members.
  6. Agenda for next SD call
    • Update DMP - Helen
    • Project review update – Tooling
    • Publishing WG
    • Kick off conference call:
      • 4:30pm ET change of time.
      • Start date: Monday October 25 every two weeks.
      • Motion: Meeting will begin October 25 @ 4:30pm ET and every two weeks after that. Motion by Mike, Second by Patrick, Against: 0 Abstain: 0, Favor: 6
        • Action item: Ken to update conference center and send outlook meeting.
      • TSC updates –
        • One publishing WG.
      • Motion: Close conversation on the Publishing Committee.
  7. Motion: Adjourn.