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  1. Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
  • Mike Henderson + AMS(education), Frieda Hall, Rick Haddoff (PS), Wilfred + Andy(tooling), Patrick + Ken(ES) Dave Hammel (PMO) Helen Stevens (PIC), Andy (v3 publishing), John Ritter (Mentoring);
  1. TSC Report (Helen/Ken)
concern about quality - quality products and quality meetings.
concern raised that in Kyoto thre were too many new members to have valid quorum for decisions in some wgs.
Patrick: Discussion aobut how you could identify effective quorum. There was a questionaire after kyoto that was filled out. SD committees also found that their committees had very good and experienced quorum.
MIke, confirms - that had good quality quorum in Kyoto.
Andy: At most WGM publsihing does NOT have effective quorum - and this is normal and expected. Have effective quorum on calls.
Helen: Would the co-chairs be comfortable with answering the question after every WGM "Did you have an effective meeting - as per your expected agenda and participation".
AMS: Education alwasy has effective meetings - regardless of quorum. However, RCRIM has some difficulty getting attendees at international meetings. So RCRIM adjusts it's agenda - so that it is effecive.

Is the fact that we are having international meetings negatively impacting the WG's ability to do it's work?

AMS: Not in the case of education - although it is harder to do the job in different countries, but this is not related to attendance at the WGM.
John: The goals of the EHR is to make the products international. In Kyoto many US attendees could not attend; so they adjusted their agenda topics to focus on the Asian audience. Did not get much WG work done in Kyoto, but did a lot of first-time-attendee training. So outcome positively influeceed future work with international engagement.
Freida: Did the WG achieve the objectives that they set for the WGM? Was it an effective meeting?
  • Strong commitment for a questionaire to be submitted by co-chairs after every WGM.
Do NOT like the term 'effective quorum' - prefer 'effective meeting'
TSC functionality - Co-chairs versus primary/secondary - The TSC is putting a proposal forward a change to have co-chairs but still have a single vote with the co-chair position rotating every year for two year terms.
Motion: The SD supports this concept, motion by Andy and seconded by Patrick.
Roadmap initiative: 6 initiatives - Helen and Ken were asked for tatical SMART for each of the 6 objectives. Education can support the first brainstormed Initiatives proposed by Helen and Ken. We need a global outreach. Tooling has an active project to manage vocabulary to partner with ITSDO and will continue to look for ways to continue their collabroation. Project services is also doing simular work. Have the user community to profile using IHE and HITSP. Tooling is sponsoring additional work that is being done outside of Tooling to be posted on Tooling's gForge. Provide education on all products and education consider it all to be equal and have no plan to push a specific v3. How do you pick the right product and how can we manage that through an educational offering? Publishing V3 looking at intergrating all items into a specific process using DITA, but we still need to look at alternate solutions with possible revenue solutions. By adding CME we are encouraging better engagement by stakeholders such as clinicians. Do see some difficult in linking to gForge and/or Project Insight. Publishing tutorials in other languages to improve stakeholder engagement. How to connect with national bodies to get them engaged. What can we do to connect to the stakeholder level?? Here is the list of products and here is how we solve those solution, this is an executive briefing.
  1. Work Group Health
Helen - we should look more carefully at the things that make WGs health based on the assesments on the SD WGs health. Even if there is no quorum.
Why is gForge part of the measurement for the health of a WG?
Project Services used gForge to manage their work. They also use it post items to hyper link to final approved documents.
We want gForge to be part of the WG health evaluation? For publishing and tooling it is vital. ES
Motion: Remove gForge as criteria for WG Health by Abdul-Malik. Patick Seconded. Question called: all in favor
One of the issues is that WGs are not posting their minutes: Electronic Services, Education, International Mentoring,
  1. SD SWOT analysis
  2. Review of Role of Steering Division - Proposed by Austin Kreisler and Ed Trippe
  1. SD 3 year plan
    1. Roadmap SMART Objectives - impact on T3SD Work Groups
    2. Alignment of roadmap projects