T3SD WGM-200901

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  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
  2. Reports
    1. TSC Report - Helen/Ken
      1. Decision Practice Document - Update from PIC
    2. ArB Report - Abdul-Malik
    3. Editoral Review - Dick Harding and Virginia Lorenzi
      1. Where is the Board on the work and what are their next steps?
  3. Defining additional WG - Involvement Task Force
  4. What should happen to those WG's that do not have co-chair elections
  5. SD Strategy
    1. Adopting Roadmap for SWOT
      1. Changes to the Roadmap happened recently as Roadmap Group members determine priorities for each line item
      2. Final review of the plan
    2. Tracking progress - How? Using gForge? When do items get added to gForge


  • Wilford Bonney - HQ
  • Dave Hamill - HQ
  • Mike Henderson - ED
  • Jim Leach - Int
  • Helen Stevens Love - Chair SD
  • Ken McCaslin - ES - Chair SD
  • June Rosploch - PIC
  • Abdul-Malik Shakir - Ed
  • Andy Stechishin - V3 Pub (in for Woody Beeler)
  • Klaus Veil - V2 Pub
  • Nancy Wilson-Ramon - PIC

Meeting Minutes

  1. Reports
    1. TSC Report - Updates regarding meetings here at WGM
      • Strongly encourage participation at the May WGM
      • Action: All WG will notify Ken/Helen by end of week if they are not going to have a co-chair in Kyoto and/or if they are meeting in Kyoto.
      1. Decision Practice Document – recently updated by PIC. All WG must review and update their DMP in next trimester.
    2. Editoral Review -
      1. Ginny left message - nothing has happened from the Editorial Review.
      2. Action: Helen/Ken to ask TSC to activate or kill the Editorial Review Board.
  2. Involvement Task Force – needs a SD home.
    • Needs home, owner and bandwidth. PIC does not feel that they are the appropriate home. Was originally raised by Virginia, but she was unable to work on it.
    • Action: Due to lack of interest there is no home or owner to run this Task Force. Ken to close the TSC item.
    • Action: Helen/Ken to ask TSC to shut down Involvement Task Force due to lack of interest. If in future there is interest and resource commitment then T3S is happy to have as part of this SD.
  3. SD Strategy
    • Action: Ken to rework the roadmap for the Strategy based on new prioritization done by J. Quinn this week.
    • Will wait until Project Insight has been updated with projects to determine the reporting/tracking capabilities for the projects of the SD. If necessary will then look at using GForge to manage the priorities and projects.
  4. WGs that have ‘no committee members’ such as electronic Services – how will they ‘elect’ co-chairs?
    • Discussion that ES does actually have a lot of members because ‘membership’ is defined as subscribers to the list serv. #* Recommend that ES elect is co-chairs using the membership of the list serv.
  5. New Discussion:
    1. Project Scope Statement – Backward Compatible.
      • Discussion that the Backward Compatible tick box was to indicate if the project expects (or during project execution finds out) that they will be not backward compatible with previous versions. ArB determines what constitutes breaking backward compatibility.
      • Action: AMS to request that the ArB take task of defining what constitutes Backward Compatibility and report back to SD on when/if this can be done. Once this is done we will re-open the question of putting a Backward Compatibility indicator on the Project Scope Statement.
    2. Next Conference call Scheduled February 5, 2009 @ 1pm ET and every two weeks until the WGM
    3. No other new items to Discuss
  6. Adjourned