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Proposed Agenda for Working Group Meeting

Monday 14 January 2008 - Immediately after the TSC Meeting

  1. (10 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call - See attendees list above.
    2. Accept Agenda
    3. Introduce new Co-Chairs
    4. Congradulate re-elected co-chairs
    5. Welcome new committee - Project Services
  2. (5 min) Committee Meeting report
  3. (20 min) Defining standard tools to be used by HL7
  4. (10 min) Final review of decision practices
  5. (20 min) Plans for 2008
  6. (10 min) New Business


Name Representing vote
Ken McCaslin Chair;Electronic Services Yes
Helen Stevens Love Scribe/co-chairPublishing No
Freida Hall Project Services Yes
Jim Leach International Mentoring Yes
Jane Foard Publishing Yes
Abdul-Malik Shakir Education Yes
Lloyd McKenzie Tooling Yes
Dave Hammil HL7 PMO No
Woody Beeler Publishing/Tooling No
June Rasploch Process Improvement No
Nancy Wilson-Ramon Process Improvement No
NOT PRESENT Implementation
Klaus Veil Publishing No

Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting Admin:
    • New co-chair for Project Services Committee – Freida Hall
  • Committee Meeting report
    • dropped – all members were at committee meeting.
  • Defining standard tools to be used by HL7
    • Question of tooling committee engagement in tools for product management and website management.
    • Tooling committee brought forward G-Forge, but not as a Project Management tool; but as a tool to manage the development of tools.
    • New Website will have clear and consistent mechanism for committees to indicate any ancillary websites or wiki’s that are in use.
    • How do we want to use (or recommend use of) the Wiki? Has been very useful to a number of committees (INM, M&M etc). Concern is not in use of Wiki, but the fact that it is not HL7’s Wiki.
      • Mayo wiki is being used by committees; but Mayo policy precludes locking any portion of their wiki.
      • TSC uses Craig Parker’s wiki – different because it allows for password control.
      • Electronic Services asked Wilfred to install on GForge wiki – needs new version of GForge installed.
      • MOTION - Electronic Services is to be instructed to evaluate Wiki issues and options (including g-forge wiki) and report back to SD with recommendations and timelines.
        • Needs to include question of if access should be account controlled.
        • Move - Helen, Second, June – 1 against (AMS). 5 for PASS.
        • ACTION - Ken & Lloyd (ES & Tooling) to put together list of common tasks for HL7 participants that require tool usage and the tools commonly used for those tasks along with pros and cons. SD to review. List to be distributed to Co-chairs for review and validation. The TSC to make policy recommendations on preferred or mandated tools.
  • Final review of Decision Making Processes
    • Add International Mentoring and Project Services to members & constituents.
    • Remove specific section references in bylaws and replace with general reference throughout.
    • Section 6 Remove 2nd sentence (For direction…) and amend opening in 3rd sentence accordingly.
    • Section 7 Confirmed 2nd sentence (On a given…) leave it in
    • MOTION Ken to update the DMP based on the above points and call vote at next conference call.
    • Move Helen, Second Jim, Unanimouse.
    • Plans for 2008
      • Clarify the sphere-of-influence/scope of the Electronic Services and Tooling committees. (raised by Woody)
      • Ballot cycle schedule review and recommendations (raised by Liora)
      • Liaise with ARB to support the development of the organization’s architecture (raised by AMS)
  • Publishing co-chair
    • Helen has resigned as V3 Publishing Chair. Publishing still has Jane and Klaus (both V2 focused). Woody has held informal support role for Helen in V3. This SD needs to make recommendation to the TSC on a replacement.
    • Is one or more replacement co-chair required? Yes, Klaus and Jane would like specific V3 co-chair(s).
    • Candidates include Woody Beeler and Robert Hallowell (yet to confirm)
      • MOTION: Helen to ask publishing committee to provide a slate of candidates to the SD from which they will forward recommendations to the TSC.
      • Moved: AMS, seconded by ?; pass - Unanimouse
    • Can Helen remain as the Steering Division alternate chair given her resignation?
      • Technically yes.
      • Concensus of attendees that Helen should remain as a non-voting alternate co-chair.
  • Next meeting January 24th 11:30 EST to be chaired by Helen.

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