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  • 2012-2013 Board Liaisons - Congratulations new and returning Board Liaisons
Quorum Requirements (Chair +4 SD Reps for "decision making") or (Chair +3 SD Reps for "direction setting") Met: ?
Attendee Name Affiliation
× Andy Stechishin HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
× Freida Hall HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
Diego Kaminker Education
Melva Peters (Board Liaison) Education
× Patrick Loyd Education
Lorraine Constable Electronic Services
× Ken McCaslin (Board Liaison) Electronic Services
Nat Wong Electronic Services
Diego Kaminker International Mentoring
× John Ritter (Board Liaison) International Mentoring
Regrets Rita Scichilone Process Improvement
× Sandy Stuart (Board Liaison) Process Improvement
Rick Haddorff (Board Liaison) Project Services
× Freida Hall Project Services
Woody Beeler Publishing
Jane Daus (Board Liaison) Publishing
× Brian Pech Publishing
× Andy Stechishin Publishing
× Sandy Stuart Publishing
× Andy Stechishin (Board Liaison) Tooling
Michael Van der Zel Tooling
Dennis Cheung Tooling
× Dave Hamill (non voting) HL7 PMO Office
Lynn Laakso (guest) TSC Project Manager

Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve Agenda -
  3. Approve Meeting Minutes -
  4. Work Group Updates
    • Education
      • Patrick WG met in June but has not met in July
      • Looking the language used in Certification exams - not suitable to those where English is not your primary language
      • Ken question did online certification, did it increase the cost of certification? Patrick did not have the specifics
      • John, how to approach countries that may not be on the best terms with US? Patrick stated it is difficult for Education to respond, there is some constraints on Education due to the need to grow Education as revenue center. John also stated that the issue may be at a board level to be addressed with organizations such as the WHO
    • Electronic Services
      • Ken reported that the group has not been able to meet but is scheduled to meet this afternoon.
      • Will be looking for help on the Work Group room assignment process/project
      • Would like to have a conversation with PIC on changes to the Co-Chairs Handbook, may need to 'stage' changes based on rolling out the room booking web site
    • International Mentoring
      • John had nothing further from comments raised in Education's update.
    • Process Improvement
      • Sandy meeting on July 29
    • Project Services
      • PS will be creating short webinars on PBS metrics and other topics –
        • High - Decrypting PBS metrics (Dave) – the magic decoder ring
        • High - WG Health (Lynn)
        • Medium - Updating Project Insight
        • Medium - How to complete PSS
        • Medium - SD Co-Chairs – items to review to approve projects
        • Medium - GOM – Project Management related items
        • Low - Managing Scope Creep – when to update/create new (FAQ items)
        • Low - Change Management
        • Low - Project Facilitator (expectations)
        • Low - ANSI Essential Requirements - Project Management related items
      • Some comment to increase the priority on some items
      • Dave will be sending out some updates in the next week on Work Group health
    • Publishing
      • V2 - Brian, there is an out of cycle ballot currently in progress
      • V3 - Andy, the preparations for the current ballot cycle were proceeding
    • Tooling
      • Andy Tooling Challenge closed, 3 entries were received
      • Andy also reported that Tooling was looking toward partnerships with educational institutions (have students work on building tools, developing the relationships for mutual benefit) and specifically wanted to work closely with the Education Work Group to ensure we are in alignment.
    • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Management (Liaison, Brian Pech)
      • Brian reported that FHIR is in another round of Quality Review prior to release for the DSTU ballot
      • Patrick commented that there has been some great difficulties and frustration with FHIR processes
      • Andy commented that Tooling had made a conscious decision to step back and allow the tools and processes to evolve based on an agile process within FHIR
    • Product Line Architecture (Liaison, Brian Pech)
      • Brian, no report, hopefully more info on next call
  5. Project Review
  6. TSC meeting Report -
    • Published weekly to Co-Chairs list and in eNews. Any questions?
  7. New Business -
  8. Meeting Adjourned 2:53 Eastern