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  • 2012-2013 Board Liaisons - Congratulations new and returning Board Liaisons
Quorum Requirements (Chair +4 SD Reps for "decision making") or (Chair +3 SD Reps for "direction setting") Met: Yes
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Patrick Loyd HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
X Freida Hall HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
Diego Kaminker Education
Melva Peters (Board Liaison) Education
X Patrick Loyd Education
Bill Braithwaite Electronic Services
Lorraine Constable (Board Liaison) Electronic Services
X Ken McCaslin Electronic Services
Diego Kaminker International Mentoring
X John Ritter (Board Liaison) International Mentoring
Rita Scichilone Process Improvement
X Sandy Stuart (Board Liaison) Process Improvement
X Rick Haddorff (Board Liaison) Project Services
X Freida Hall Project Services
Woody Beeler Publishing
Jane Curry (Board Liaison) Publishing
Jane Daus Publishing
X Brian Pech Publishing
X Andy Stechishin Publishing
X Sandy Stuart Publishing
Jane Curry (Board Liaison) Tooling
Tim Ireland Tooling
X Andy Stechishin Tooling
X Dave Hamill (non voting) HL7 PMO Office
X Lynn Laakso (guest) TSC Project Manager

Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call - congratulations to Andy Stechishin, new T3SD Co-Chair
  2. Approve Agenda - add: 9/3 call (US Realm holiday); agenda Baltimore WGM
  3. Approve Meeting Minutes -
    • Defer 8/6 minutes approval to next call since they were just distributed today
  4. Work Group Updates
    • Education
      • Patrick reported that Education Co-Chairs met with HL7’s new Education Director to discuss how HL7 is organized, how HL7 manages processes, a general orientation re: HL7. Education has worked with Dave on updates to Project Insight. Some projects on hold will re-start since the new director is in place. No agenda items 9/3.
    • Electronic Services
      • Proposal for Establishing a New Work Group - revision to web/wiki presence (see minutes 8/6 call). Discussed last call, still working on proposal.
      • Working with TSC/Tooling on Dashboards
      • Looking at NLM Vocabulary Tool
      • Scratchpad project – hope to reenergize next WGM, interested parties invited to participate.
      • No agenda items 9/3.
    • International Mentoring
      • After summer hiatus, have begun meeting again. Discussed PHRS-FM coming out, may have impact on low, medium income countries to help them define requirements for limited scope EHR Systems. No agenda items 9/3.
    • Process Improvement
      • Sandy reported PIC did not meet quorum last call but is still making progress. No agenda items 9/3.
    • Project Services
      • Rick reported PS is working on 2012 the interim Project Scope Statement template; TSC suggested releasing to cover 2012-2013. PS has reviewed the list of pending items on the list for 2013. TSC approved several items for inclusion; the interim release will become the 2013 release. PS is getting ready for the WGM. No agenda items 9/3.
    • Publishing
      • V2 – Brian reported V2.8 was down to the wire but made it to ballot. No agenda items 9/3.
      • V3 – Andy reported Pubs is entrenched in V3 ballots. No agenda items 9/3.
    • Tooling
      • EHR-FM tooling project awarded to Results 4 Care; this was announced on the Contract list. Jane is working on resolving governance issues with the Health Ingenuity Exchange (HingX) project to the satisfaction of OHT and HL7. No agenda items 9/3.
  5. Project Review
  6. TSC meeting Report -
    • Published weekly to Co-Chairs list and in eNews. Any questions?
      • http://hl7tsc.org/wiki/index.php?title=TSC_Minutes_and_Agendas - Today’s call was about ongoing friction and making a decision about data types. Paul Knapp stated HL7 made a “breaking change” that was not backward compatible which has caused massive headaches for US V3 implementers who are primarily using CDA or SPL. Options are to fork to make two roads possible, craft a solution without further breakage and how to handle. Of the options outlined, additional information was requested. Brian asked how to get a copy of Loyd’s paper discussed on the; it is attached to the TSC minutes of the 8/20 call.
      • Tooling PSS for HL7 Tooling Challenge is out for eVote this week.
  7. New Business -
    • Next call - 9/3 is US Holiday; call will be cancelled since there are no urgent agenda items
    • Baltimore WGM Agenda - Will have normal agenda structure. Email Patrick/Freida if you have project scope statements that will need to be approved. IFC has requested agenda item, e.g. specifically how to support new countries that don’t have affiliate; Africa is current focus. John mentioned database to track people that will be traveling to Africa, however, HL7 representatives need to be ambassador for HL7 with specific skill set, not selling a product, etc. Send new agenda items to Patrick, Freida, and incoming Co-Chair Andy. Patrick will talk to Andy separately about the TSC meeting September 8.
    • Board Liaison reports – don’t need to be approved by the Steering Division but send to T3SD Co-Chairs (or list) and please send to Karen Van Hentenryck by August 31.
    • Meeting Adjourned 2:34 pm Eastern