T3SD ConCall-20120130

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  • 2011 Board Liaisons, subject to change in 2012
Quorum Requirements (Chair +4 SD Reps for "decision making") or (Chair +3 SD Reps for "direction setting") Met: Yes
Attendee Name Affiliation
Regrets Patrick Loyd HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
X Freida Hall HL7 T3SD Co-Chair
Abdul Malik Shakir Education
X Diego Kaminker Education
Bill Braithwaite Electronic Services
X Lorraine Constable (Board Liaison) Electronic Services
Ken McCaslin Electronic Services
Margie Kennedy Process Improvement
Helen Stevens Love(Board Liaison) Process Improvement
X Diego Kaminker International Mentoring
X John Ritter (Board Liaison) International Mentoring
X Rick Haddorff (Board Liaison) Project Services
X Freida Hall Project Services
Woody Beeler Publishing
X Jane Curry ((Board Liaison) Publishing
Regrets Jane Daus Publishing
X Brian Pech Publishing
Andy Stechishin Publishing
X Sandy Stuart Publishing
X Jane Curry (Board Liaison) Tooling
Tim Ireland Tooling
Andy Stechishin Tooling
X Dave Hamill (non voting) HL7 PMO Office
X Lynn Laakso

Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve Agenda
  3. Aprove Meeting Minutes
    • 201201 WGM-Defer to next call
    • 20120109-Defer to next call
    • 20111219-Defer to next call
  4. Work Group Updates
    • Education
      • 1-Number of registrations for the HL7 eLearning Course : 123 (as of Friday)
      • 2-PSS we are discussing: New Certification Program / Webinars
      • 3-We are currently finalizing the Vancouver WGM schedule for May.
    • Electronic Services
      • Meeting next week; drafting Project Scope Statement (PSS) to work on the infrastructure/requirements dashboards. Wrapped up survey; starting on roadmap this week. Outcome of survey is suggestion for a Webinar re: balloting; Ken may have contacted Education.
    • International Mentoring
      • No updates this meeting.
    • Process Improvement
      • No update.
    • Project Services
      • Meeting this week; completed ballot reconciliation at the WGM, changes pending to publish. 2012 PSS to be published soon. Dave has worked on clean up of PBS metrics.
    • Publishing
      • Orders and Observations – V2.7.1 and V2.5.1 will be balloted out of cycle as soon as possible (unless falls in May cycle.) V2.8 – OO and one other WG may be ready to ballot May 2012 cycle. V3 is working according to announced plan.
    • Tooling
      • SWOT analysis updated, will be presented this week. Will be updating projects on the books, and creating new projects (those requiring funding) and the Tooling Challenge. Feb. 2 date extension for the Tooling Challenge; will do doodle poll to determine which are recommended.
  5. New Agenda items - none
  6. TSC meeting Report
  7. New Business - none.
    • Adjourn at 4:24 pm