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Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call: Ken McCaslin, Diego Kaminker, Lorraine Constable, John Ritter, Margie Kennedy, Freida Hall, Rick Haddorff, Andy Stechishin, Lynn Laakso. Quorum met.
  2. Approve Agenda – Process Improvement (PIC) Resource Directory Wiki Project Scope Statement (PSS) sent to T3SD list today.
  3. Approve Meeting Minutes –
    • October 10 - defer approval to next call; Ken will post this week.
  4. TSC Update
    • No significant updates from today’s call. TSC notes go to the Co-Chair list, usually Monday and are also published in HL7 eNews Thursday.
  5. WG updates/Project review
    • Education
      • (Diego) Running scheduled courses, Education Summit in November.
    • Electronic Servcies
      • (Lorraine) Reviewing roadmap and results of website survey before/during WGM.
    • International Mentoring
      • (Ken and John) Still working on PSS for education for potential/new affiliates re: engagement. Diego thinks they handed off to Education WG. John joined call later, did not have additional update.
    • PIC
      • (Margie) PSS URL sent to list today.
        • Section 5 - It was approved during the October 12 PIC call (add approval date to PSS, section 5).
        • Section 2b - removed in 2011 PSS template (could be removed)
        • Section 4a – This project will help Work Groups looking for resources and volunteers looking for work. It provides method to define “Needs” and “Resources”. Woody Beeler has already created a template.
        • Section 4c – do we need to define # of WGs, e.g. if only 1 uses the directory, is the project considered successful? Margie suggested co-chairs acquiring volunteers through this method would be measurable success criteria. PIC could conduct an evaluation (frequency to be determined by PIC); another bullet will be added to cover this.
      • Motion by Margie to accept PSS with amendments; second by Diego. John noted Resource is misspelled on the WIKI.
    • Project Services
      • (Rick) PS received a new item from TSC to create guidelines for creating or modifying project scope statement for Release updates. Timeframe is to have available by the January WGM.
    • Publishing
      • (Andy) Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB) are due Sunday (October 30).
    • Tooling
      • (Andy) Tooling is proceeding on projects; liaison meeting was held last week and was successful. Tooling asked RIMBAA to take the lead on deciding tools for implementers; this will be topic at their out of cycle meeting in Amsterdam.
  6. New Business
    • none