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  1. Roll Call: Lorraine Constable, Ken McCaslin (chair,scribe), Freida Hall, John Ritter, Jane Daus, Lynn Laasko, Andy Stechishin,Diego Kaminker
  2. Approve Agenda –
  3. Approve Meeting Minutes -
    • 2 May 2011 [1]
    • Motion by John Second by Lorraine to approve meeting minutes. Against: 0 Abstains: 0 Favor: 5
    • May 2011 WGM [2]
    • Motion by Andy Second by Lorraine to approve meeting minutes. Against: 0 Abstains: 0 Favor: 6
    • 20 June 2011 [3]
    • Postponed
    • 18 July 2011 [4]
    • Motion by Lorraine Second by Andy to approve meeting minutes. Against: 0 Abstains: 0 Favor: 6
  4. Meeting Schedule issues - How do we work around
  5. T3SD co-chair elections
  6. TSC Report
  7. Project Review
  8. Steering Division Reports
    1. Education
      • We have 310 registrants for the E-Learning course, August edition, as of today (Registration closes on Friday)
      • We don´t have ANY wait-list. All registrants will be attended (opposed to the previous edition limitation of approximate 100 students per edition)
      • We´ve had more than 100 scholarships request from 10 countries (50 from Pakistan!)
      • We´ve arranged with HL7 Pakistan board so they will run their own edition from our hl7elc.org site but with their own tutors, for their own people. We will help them to attend their students.
      • HL7 Italia will begin their edition in the second semester 2011. HL7 New Zealand is running their own pilot edition for 10 students from hl7elc.org.
      • HL7 Austria is currently running their HL7 ELC edition, will resume in Sept. 2011 after summer holidays.
      • HL7 India began its new edition two weeks ago, approx. 50 students.
      • HL7 Canada is doing final arrangements to begin their first edition, hopefully it will be this year.
      • HL7 Romania ended their first edition last month.
    2. Electronic Services
      • Did not meet since last meeting. Working on project on the Scope statement that was approved.
    3. International Mentoring
      • Project Scope Statement update: Help Realms develop their relationships with HL7 and develop a HL7 community within their realm
      • Did review with EHR WG co-chairs and has been socializing this with various people and will continue to work on development of the project scope statement.
    4. Process Improvement
      • Last couple of calls have not reached Quorum.
    5. Project Services
      • Updated mission charter and sent it to Lynn. Work on SAIF program. Working on a process for things that are not standards, so how to get non-standards approved.
    6. Publishing
      • Mission and Charter [5]
      • The only comment was from Ken regarding chapters editors and Publishing facilitators. They normally work on this internally so not sure it needs to be address. Motion by Jane Second by Andy to approve meeting minutes. Against: 0 Abstains: 0 Favor: 6
      • V2.8 – all the chapters were in edit mode. Making updates to the chapters, all turned in accept two, (11 & 12). No proposals to these two chapters, so it is only global changes. Starting to move forward to move the chapters together, Don will do this, and then this will go to Frank for an integrity check. Want to get this done this week.
      • V3 ballot opened today.
    7. Tooling
      • Working through gForge issues and working with Publishing (v3) which is the big user. No decisions to be made at the present time. Looking at the space being used.
  9. New Business