T3SD ConCall-20110718

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  1. Roll Call: Dave Hamill, Lynn Laasko, Lorraine Constable, Andy Stechishin, Ken McCaslin(Chair/Scribe), Patrick Loyd, Rick Haddorff, John Ritter, Diego Kaminker, Freida Hall
  2. Approve Agenda –
  3. Approve Meeting Minutes – 20 June 2011 – postponed to 1 August meeting
  4. Meeting Schedule issues - How do we work around
    • 5 September 2011 - US Holiday
    • Are there others?
  5. T3SD co-chair elections
    • Reminder that this is a WG health item, so please at least put vote in by WG for Freida.
  6. TSC Report
    • Nothing of note.
  7. Steering Division Reports
    1. Education
      • No Report
    2. Electronic Services
      • Project scope statement [1]
      • pharm request to put development materials together so that others can view the issues they are adreessing or enterprise items for review. Motion by Lorraine, second Andy
        • Against: 0 Abstain: 0 Favor: 8
    3. International Mentoring
      • Cross a bunch of different spots. It may have a better home in education. People come to HL7 on behalf of their Realm. Thinking of creating a best practices tutorial to help them understand how to engage people within their realm. IM is trying to do this one on one, but it might help to pool best practices from other realms to take this back to the home country to make things work, even knowing the right questions to ask the internal stakeholders. At least starting here in this group and then move forward. Does this seem like a good service? John will develop a PSS to share with International Council and Education.
    4. Process Improvement
      • No report
    5. Project Services
      • Mission/Charter review[2]
      • Rick reviewed the mission and charter.
      • Motion: Rick, Patrick
        • Against: 0 Abstain: 0 Favor: 8
    6. Publishing
      • V2 chapters have all gone to Don Lloyd initial release last Friday. Passed mission and charter. Will be placed on next T3SD call for review.
      • V3 final count down to current ballot cycle. CMETs should have been in and ballot update sheets. Ballot opening 1 August.
    7. Tooling
      • completed the shifting of responsibilities from Wilfred to Josh and Lynn. Completed that effort. Working ahead to address vocab tooling needs. Biggest issues are around gForge, the problem is publishing, gForge space is consumed more than we thought. Tooling and Publishing work together to try to resolve this.
  8. New Business