T3SD ConCall-20101108

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  1. Roll Call
    • Dave, Mike, Lynn, Freida, Rick, John, Parick, Ken, Helen, Andy
  2. Approve Agenda
  3. TSC Report
    • RIMBAA project did move forward as comment only instead as a DSTU.
    • Kicked off the product quality plan from the TSC. Anyone interested in being engaged please contact Austin Kreisler. He is the project leader.
  4. Approve Meeting Minutes - 9/13
    • John moves to approve. Mike Henderson seconded. Meeting minutes approved.
    • Approve Meeting Minutes – 10/25
    • Minutes approved.
  5. Project Review
    • Tooling
      • 2 Projects - the other 2 are contract tooling projects and are board sponsored projects. The projects for review HL7 Static Model and MIF Based Development.
      • Static Model Designer – have deliver of the first cut and have submitted the defects to the vendor. Went directly from John Quinn to PMO because it was a road map project and a contract project. This project is on track.
      • MIF Based Publishing Project is a little off track but will be done this year. Wanted the September ballot cycle, but had to delay to the January 2011 ballot cycle to have the ballots using this new technology.
      • there is other activities which is on-going MIF maintenance. This is a background activity and this is based on bugs being submitted. On-going tooling maintenance? Somewhat to maintain documentation and other things. Should there be on-going projects to capture this information? Projects should have a specific beginning and end date. If there is on-going items then it should be reflected in the mission/charter and it would be visible on the WG overview. There are some informal projects to see what is going on with general tooling that might be of benefit to HL7. They maybe putting something forward like health driven development tools from Dave Carlson in the future. Will not produce anything in a ballot, but may have peer review.
  6. Steering Division Reports
    1. Electronic Services
      • Nothing to report
    2. International Mentoring
      • The International Mentoring Committee reports that the International Vital Records Functional Profile (of the EHR System Functional Model) project has not received sufficient engagement by non-U.S. countries/realms and is therefore being withdrawn for the current time. (Note: The IMC had been promoting the project to IMC candidates as an easy means of gathering realm-based interest in a small project that was based on HL7 standards.)
    3. Process Improvement
      • Nothing to report
    4. Project Services
      • Project Scope Statement for the modifications to be made for the 2011 version of the Project Scope Statement template. [1]
      • This is the annual work on the Project Scope statement template to update it for 2011. Will make co-sponsor it’s own field. Dave has defined things that have come from various people in the scope statement. The green text is confusing, so it will be moved the appendix. Will fix the help text to improve clarity. Motion by Ken to approve the project scope statement that the project will insert time for outreach to co-chairs for input. Second by Patrick. Against: 0; Abstained: 0; all in favor.
    5. Tooling
      • Nothing to report
    6. Education
      • HL7 International Education Strategic Project Plan: [2]
      • this is the formalization that was brought up by Bob Dolan in Rio in his discussion with Education and the marketing with the global strategic process for education. This will address without govern the educational offerings, since there is educational offerings in private and public institutions and by the affiliate in each realm. Do we want to develop the relationships with each, including knowing the needs, the impact, the gaps and the processes to insure that the delivered product is consistent with HL7 expectations. What brought this forward is that the affiliate needs has increase and the actual adoption around the world has increased greatly with education helping with the adoption. What is the signs of success: the plan has been delivered across the globe and that everyone has responded to the document. Do have target dates for the document. Would like to be done by the end of 2010 and believe that this is feasible with the deliverables coming in February 2011 with follow-up in May 2011 WGM and final close with September 2011 WGM. Motion: accept with the board as co-sponsor and the URL being added. Mike, Seconded by John. Abstains: 0; Againsts: 0; Favors: all;
      • Mission/Charter statement: [3]
    7. Publishing
      • Nothing to report
  7. New Business