T3SD ConCall-20101025

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Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call
    1. Andy, Lynn, Helen, Patrick, Freida, Ken, John – have Quorum
  2. Approve Agenda
  3. TSC Report
    • Is the wiki main page – TSC would internally discussed. Approved a project, see the notes that went out in the TSC update. ARB tasked with backwards compatible requirements and they would be reaching out for participation (a task force will be created).
  4. Provide feedback from HL7 Chair (Ken)
    • Review Feedback - Issues with communications between Board and WGs
    • Issues regarding commitments to speakers and the change after agreement to compensation.
      • This will be resolved for Cambridge to provide compensation consistent with what the Speakers had agreed to when they initially agreed to teach the tutorial.
  5. Approve Meeting Minutes - WGM and September 13, 2010 meeting minutes
    • WGM - Need to change to acting co-chairs in item 2. Opposed, abstain, Meeting minutes approved.
    • September 13 – Opposed; 0 Abstain; 2 Approved; 3
  6. Project Review
    • Tooling – Postponed to next call.
  7. Steering Division Reports
    1. Electronic Services
      • First meeting later this week.
    2. International Mentoring
      • Pakistan has been accepted as an affiliate. Have not heard from Portrico and Singapore. Driving birth/Death Statistics document driven through a mentoring process for the affiliates. Council allocated $5K by funding to help affiliates to help their chair attend the HL7 meeting and who manages that was left to Richard Dixon-Hughes, but shouldn’t the IM be engaged, yes we think so.
    3. Process Improvement
      • Have not met. Having problems with quorum because everyone is having difficulty finding time to meet. Waiting for meeting surveys from WGM. Have 6 DMP to evaluate to make sure it is not counter to the GOM or something that should be in the template. Implementation had a tie for co-chair and trying to figure out how to resolve the tie, Jane indicated she is going to withdraw and then Wendy would be the co-chair. Do need to work on tie; looks like the GOM does have a process so this should resolve the issue in question.
    4. Project Services
      • Meet once since WGM. At WGM met with ARB regarding Safe and Sound. Completed WGM survey and have reviewed DMP. Planning to look at Project Scope statement for January 2011 release. HL7 Program management work in progress. Have a list of October deliverables to forward to January 2011.
    5. Tooling
      • Working on resource issues. Testing FMD tool trying to produce defect list by Thursday, this is a contractual obligation.
    6. Education
      • No report.
    7. Publishing
      • Submitted survey for both groups and have submitted them together in response to tooling. V2 has begun the work to separate the two groups. NIBs needed to be in Sunday content the week after.
  8. New Business