T3SD ConCall-20100830

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  1. Roll Call
    • Andy Stechishin, Freida Hall, Ken McCaslin, Rick Haddorff, Helen Stevens, Dave Hamill, Mike Henderson (came on at 4:11pm ET, after meeting minutes approval), Patrick Loyd (came on at 4:25pm ET), AbdulMalik Shakir (came on at 4:39pm ET)
  2. Agenda Review & Approval
    • Approve of meeting agenda
  3. Minutes Approval
  4. 7/23 and 8/16 – no issues with meeting minutes and then notes for 8/2.
  5. 7/23 – Abstain 1, objections 0, favor 4
  6. 8/2 – Abstain 1, objections 0, favor 4
  7. 8/16 – Abstain 2, objections 0, favor 3
  8. TSC Report (Ken/Helen/Lynn)
    • No quorum so they did not have a meeting. The week (8/23) before, big discussion on DCN project. Did approve co-chair handbook project.
  9. Project Review
    1. PIC
      • Did not get through all the projects, so they need to review them through email. Did create projects for 3 year plans, can it get rolled into an active project or just close it as it gets completed. For the 3 year plans where there are annual items, Dave will drive the updating of dates of those that are re-occurring.
    2. Publishing
      • 7 projects – One is the version 2 editors document, so Andy will not address the V2 projects – first 5 are all 3 year projects from v3 publishing. Dave does check with WG if they miss the target dates. Andy will make sure that the dates are updated. Andy has to review a few projects to determine if the projects need to be flagged as done. V3 publishing facilitators guide want to publish it as an informative guide. Decide that they will work on this during Cambridge for a January ballot cycle.
  10. Steering Division Work Group Reports
    1. Education
      • Working on outline for strategic plan to deliver large volume education (means the quantitative objective by Bob Dolan at the Rio WGM based on what was in the HITECH act regarding HIT and how to educate new users of HL7 to support the rules) following HITSP education project. Look for the plan at: url from Mike Henderson. Would like to present to the board prior to the Cambridge meeting. Set the education survey out and getting input now. Reviewing the draft mission/charter statement will vote on that in their next meeting and will present to the T3SD on 9/13. The project plan will be informed by the strategic plan and provide the target dates.
    2. Electronic Services
      • Wiki spam has been an issue in the last few days. Rene Spronk has been giving up a great deal of his time to help resolve the problems we have been having.
    3. International Mentoring
      • No report.
    4. Process Improvement
      • Working on the DMP and are nearly complete with a roll-out plan. The DMP will be in place in January 2011 WGM now pushed to the May 2011 WGM. Working on Interim co-chairs, to support WGs where the co-chairs can be present, to solve the gap of no co-chairs and still allow the WG to work even if they are not able to hold a formal meeting. This is to support the WGM in Sydney where co-chairs may not be able to travel, so that the WG can still meet.
    5. Project Services
      • Had project scope statement for Safe/Sound, received feedback from TSC and are working to make adjustments. Preparing for next WGM and looking at the January WGM.
    6. Publishing
      • Have another ballot out. Not sure if the ballot is in MIF or running parallel and Woody and Don Lloyd were empowered to make the decision. Pharmacy did pull back their ballot materials. Everything is going well. A wrinkle regarding co-chair elections for T3SD – V2 and V3 publishing is really two very separate groups so this caused problems during this process – did not hear back from them, but Klaus did submit a vote to Andy about his preference for co-chair, this is a concern.
    7. Tooling
      • Demo on Tuesday evening at the WGM. Reshuffling projects to focus on Static Model designer.
  11. New Business
    • Determine if the voting was close – Ken to check with HQ and determine what the outcomes and determine if the Publishing vote would make a difference on the voting.
  12. Agenda for next meeting (September 13)
    • Project review – Project Services, Tooling