T3SD ConCall-20100816

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  1. Roll Call
    • Freida Hall, John Ritter, Mike Henderson, Lynn Laakso, Ken McCaslin, Helen Stevens
    • Quorum not achieved until 4:30pm ET, went back to approve PIC Co-Chair Handbook Scope statemment, then reviewed all other meeting information, offical vote need to be taken only for the scope statement. Adjorned at 4:55pm ET.
  2. Agenda Review & Approval
  3. Minutes Approval
  4. TSC Report (Ken/Helen/Lynn)
    • ArB would prefer SAIF work be done by the ArB.
  5. Project Review
    1. International Mentoring
    2. Publishing
  6. Doodle tutorial (Lynn)| tutorial
    • Lynn shared her powerpoint slides. Each of us opened the slides and followed along. FYI, do not let doodle send emails to listserver. Because doodle is not a member of the listserve, nothing will be sent out. Always set it up so that "You Send the Invitation".
  7. Steering Division Work Group Reports
    1. Education
      • Mission & Charter approval request – Postponed.
      • Start eleaning in Romania. Awarded scholarship for next elearning programs. Working on elearning affiliate agreements. Have a poll to affiliates requesting their elearning requirements and needs.
    2. Electronic Services
      • On-line presence this past week – expanded definition in the scope to include creating a template for setting up WG wiki page and wiki acceptable use be rolled into on-line presence. Uncovered the Wiki security requirements.
    3. International Mentoring
      • New Secretary of Health in Philippines so believe have a great opportunity to move the relationship forward. Planning on holding a new work shop. Need a Philippine Affiliate to be able to get things working in this country.
    4. Process Improvement
      • Project Scope Statement Co-chair handbook
      • Helen motioned to approve the Project scope Statement, John seconded: Negative: 0, Abstain: 0, affirmative; 5; Lynn will send the scope statement out to the co-chairs and it will be on the next TSC.
    5. Project Services
      • Report on Harmonization Framework & exchange – no updates. Trying to meet weekly but have not been able to meet weekly. The calls have been canceled, trying to reach out to Steve Hufnagal. Updates to the SAIF and Sound PowerPoint.
    6. Publishing
      • V3 Implementation Guide - Facilitators Handbook on development
      1. May need to define concepts, process, and other critical issues.
      2. Should this be merged with V2 Facilitators Handbook
    7. Tooling
  8. New Business
    • Ken discovered that when he canceled our meeting, it looks like he accidently canceled all meetings instead just the one. He will correct the conference calls so that going forward after 8/30 the calls will be.
  9. Agenda for next meeting (August 30)
    • Project review: Publishing; PIC
    • Education: Mission Charter review
    • Publishing V3 Imp Guide