T3SD ConCall-20100802

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  1. Roll Call
    • Andy Stechishin, Freida Hall, John Ritter, Ken McCaslin, Mike Henderson, Rick Haddorff - Quorum not met.
  2. Agenda Review & Approval
  3. Minutes Approval
  4. TSC Report (Ken/Helen/Lynn)
    • Ken shared that the TSC voted on the ballot item lists for September 2010, with two items removed that needed further review with the EHR/Pharmacy WGs before being moved forward.
    • Also indicated that there were several projects from SSD that were reviewed and approved minus two projects that need to be reviewed by EHR/Pharmacy WGs
    • TSC nominations over and now the voting for co-chairs begin. Deadline is August 30 COB ET. Provided an update of the future plan of the TSC regarding TSC Nominations. Asked the group about TSC nominations: It was suggested that they did not have problems only one nominee, it might be different if there was concern with the SD co-chairs but there is confidence in those that are currently in the role. There is also a bandwidth issue, considering the amount of time the SD co-chair must invest. Ken's take away is that with the requirements of being a SD co-chair, most people could not consider the role and there is confidence in those that have the role, so there is no reason to challenge them during the election.
  5. Project Review
    • with no quorum decided to review burning issues:
    1. Project Services
      • With 6 votes in as affirmative for the SAIF and sound project, it is believed that there is no reason to waiting until the bitter end, considering that any additional votes will not change the affirmative. They will move ahead with promoting the project to the TSC
    2. Publishing
      • V3 – Implementation Guide – there seems to be a loaming concern around V3 guides. This will be brought forward on the next conference call. Probably need to define an IG Facilitators Guide that will deal with content, structure, format and other critical issues along the line of the V2 IG Facilitators guide. This will up for conversation at this SD call.