T3SD ConCall-20100426

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  1. Roll Call
    • John Ritter, Ken McCaslin (scribe), Helen Stevens (Chair), Andy Stechishin, Dave Hamill, Freida Hall, Mike Henderson, Woody Beeler,
  2. TSC Report
    • Had discussion regarding the proposed split of the Publishing WG. Now a TSC Task item.
  3. Approve 12 April 2010 Minutes
    • Freida Abstaining, meeting minutes approved
  4. Resolve V2/V3 Publishing – Constituency
    • Andy will work with Woody on attendence at the next TSC meeting. Helen asked that Andy take back to publishing, that V3 does publishing, could V3 take in the V2 publishing work. Andy indicated there are some V3 artifacts that do not follow typical V3 process. He is not sure how many of those artifacts there are in that category. Must of the discussion in V3 is focused on V3 publishing processes and V2 people would like feel that they are being ignored. Helen pointed out that CCOW is also outside of the normal V3 process. Andy indicated it maybe Rio before they can bring this issue up. Woody feels that as long as the there is a good working v2 database, we really would not change it. Could we recruit Frank Omieg.
  5. Work Group Health review
    • Everyone is green. Education came up with 3 points against them, problem minutes. Need to look at active projects.
  6. Active Projects from the WG – Rick and Dave
    • Sent out an excel spreadsheet to the group. We have 14 projects and 25 3-year plan items. Broke it down into red, yellow, green. Green come due after 09/2010, yellow 05/2010 and Red was prior to 05/2010 or no dates. Rick and Dave are reaching out to the WG co-chairs. Will run it again in Rio. Need WGs to clean up their projects and are their dates correct. Tooling projects do need to be cleaned up and they have some projects that need to be presented. They need to make it more current by Rio.
    • Seems like international mentoring has many opportunities to have projects despite that they are no always directly engaged in the work. At least this exposes what is going on and has the potential to encourage engagement by other people who might be interested in the work.
  7. Prepare WGM Agenda
    • Maybe work through projects
    • finalize on May 10
  8. Decision_making_Practices
    • Changed quorum count.
  9. Steering Division Reports
    1. Electronic Services
    2. International Mentoring
      • Philippines has asked to have the affiliate packet be sent. Port Rico has also reached out. Joel would like to hold an event in Port Rico.
    3. Tooling
      • Redo projects to make sure everything is upto date. Looking at the static model to resolve problems.
    4. Education
      • To eLearning programs in progress. Have two in India. At the RIO working group, enrollment is low. There is concern about this. HQ is moving away from hardcopy tutorials to softcopy via a thumb drive.
    5. Publishing
      • Don and Woody has done several pass on the normative edition and will have an electronic version prior to Rio. Woody spent a great deal of time dealing with quality issues with the ballot.
    6. Project Services
      • SAIF presentation is nearly complete. Annual update to project approval process. Reviewed updated project facilitator requirements.
    7. PMO
      • Defining who and what are required for project process. Could be rolled into the co-chair handbook.
    8. PIC
      • Started working on the new DPM template. Mostly structural and format, but also added the evoting process. Will have it ready for review at Rio. First Time attendee moving forward, but a little slow. Co-chair handbook will be reviewed and it will be peer reviewed in Boston, hopefully reconciling peer review in Boston.
  10. Planning Agenda for next meeting
    • Working on Agenda Planning