T3SD ConCall-20100412

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Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call
    1. Helen Stevens, Rick Haddorf, Andy Stechishin, Dave Hamill, Ken McCaslin, John Ritter
    2. Need to replace Jon with Andy on Tooling
  2. TSC Report
  3. Approve 22 March 2010 Minutes
    1. One revision – spelling mistake will be corrected. Moved for approval by Andy. All in favor.
  4. Review Action items from last SD Meeting:
    1. Action items review
  5. Prepare WGM Agenda
  6. Decision_making_Practices Review
    Summary of Changes:
    • Capitalized Consitutents and defined Members
    • Changed PIC to be a voting member (IM was already listed as voting)
    • Separated V2 and V3 publishing into two Constituents
      • Ken raised an issue concerned that the SD has not officially separated these two groups. Andy has been reaching out to V2 Publishing and has talked about issues. Helen proposes that we take this forward to the TSC to discuss the slitting of Publishing into two separate WG. Andy will circle around with Woody to have a further conversation. Action item: Ken needs to update the member page to correct the co-chairs on tooling and the issues with Klaus email address.
    • Added language for electronic voting
    • Added: "In the instance that one person present is a co-chair of more than one Constituency they may carry a vote for each constituency" and adjusted necessary supporting language.
    • Moved statement of SD purpose out of Constituency & Voting section
    • Changed reference to "committees and sigs" to "Working Groups"
    • Clarified language regarding election of SD co-chairs and Members
    • Updated quorum examples to be specific to an 8 member SD.
      • Motion to approve with Helen to take an action to validate the quorum rules based on a 7 member group versus a 8 member group by Ken second by Andy.
      • Action item: Helen and Ken to work with publishing to determine if they should be one group or two.
  7. Post WGM Questionnaire
    • Proposal to move activity under scope of PIC.
      • Make this a PIC activity and then they will bring back to the SD after they have finished the work for approval. Ken made a motion to manage the WGM Questionanaire. Rick seconded. All approved.
  8. Steering Division Reports
    1. Electronic Services
    2. International Mentoring
        • Nothing to report
    3. Tooling
        • Nothing to report
    4. Education
        • No one to report
    5. Publishing
        • Ballot is out. Problem with quorum on a few items. Still early so it may not be a problem.
    6. Project Services
        • Working on presentation and whitepaper for adoption of SAIF. Working on weaknesses and will publish this on the web page. Working on project visibility.
    7. PIC
        • Priorities – New DMP hopefully by WGM and get approval. First Time Attendee stuff.
        • Will be working on co-chair handbook after the WGM.
        • WGM survey.
  9. Add Agenda items here:
  10. Planning Agenda for next meeting
    1. Resolve V2/V3 Publishing – Constituency
    2. Work Group Health review
    3. Active Projects from the WG – check the health
      1. Rick and Dave to take lead on review this
    4. WGM survey