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  1. Roll Call
    1. Helen Love (chair), Ken McCaslin (Scribe),
    1. Helen to fix wiki Andy Stechishin as co-chair on Tooling
  1. TSC Report
    1. Working on Decision making practices and there is a new version of the DMP. Key points is adhoc adding a member, participating in TSC meetings for observers/Guest, simular to Board but less formal. Approved TSC SWOT and is now posted. 3 year plan is has begun. There was a project from HITSP/SOAA - implementation Guide for localization was passed. The one that did not pass did not pass was the one on Ontology. Concern about Work Groups not meeting in Rio. It could be an issue. TSC is concerned about the impact of those WGs not meeting.
  2. Approve WGM Minutes
    1. Ken motion to approve, second by Andy.
  3. Achieiving effective WGM meetings for WG - how chairs should evaluate?
    1. Lets review the Kyoto questionaire
      1. We did talk about effective quorum and agreed this was not the approriate. We will move this issue to the next SD meeting in two weeks. We will have the Kyoto Questionaire. Lynn took action item to get the questionaire. We think it was on-line. Lynn will check survey monkey.
  4. Rethinking criteria for the Health of WGs
    1. Group health is handed out and includes explinations there was a great deal of discussion and are the explaintion good, and are the issues acuraute measures.
    2. PIC did not have projects and it now will have projects. Should active projects be a tooling for measuring WG active. Need the WG's to sort out their projects. We need to figure out a way to measure "active projects". It appears that the
    3. SWOT/3year plan - Since these are brought forward to the SD for review and approval we can assume that they are good and approriate to the WG.
    4. Online presences - minutes, gforge and Wiki - making sure that any minutes are posted since the last work group meeting. Did they have meetings and did they post meetings is the measurement. We suggest Agenda's and minutes. We think the minutes must be posted on the wiki and minutes. We are not saying the Agenda is not part of the minutes. Is there a wiki yes/no. We think the measure is important. Project Services was pushing back but they now have a wiki now.
      1. gForge presences - we do not see this as a fair measure for the WG's of this SD.
    5. Listserve activitiy - Activity since the last WGM. Seems important. We were surprised by the number of people on the listserve for various WG. Put in the number members and the number of messages tracked as informative information to the report for this SD.
      1. Action item: Tooling should develop education for some of the tools they are promoting.
      2. Action item: Lynn will need to check to see if she can harvest the number of messages over a period of time.
  5. Meeting for 3/8 move to 3/1 or cancel and meeting 3/22?
    1. The meeting is ok for 3/1. We do have a problem on the 3/15. could we move it to 3/16 at 4:30pm ET or 3/22.
    2. Action item: Ken will send an email out regarding 3/16 at 4:30pm or 3/22.
  6. SD SWOT Analysis - Please review and submit comments SWOT File
  7. Steering Division Reports
    1. Electronic Services
    2. International Mentoring
    3. Tooling
    4. Education
    5. Publishing
    6. Project Services
      1. Project facilitators for SD to replace Ioana and Nancy. Working with Dave Hamill to do project review and cleanup - the offical project nag. Contact point for the SD on project management issues. Do have a project role to describe.
      2. Have wiki page. Have another version of the Project Scope Statement. Have a macro to remove the help text.
    7. PIC
  8. Planning Agenda for next meeting
    1. Further discussion on WG health measures
    2. SD SWOT Analysis - Please review and submit comments SWOT File
    3. Project review for: PIC, Publishing, Tooling
    4. Project Faciliation Discussion
    5. DMP review - Voting requirements