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  1. Roll Call
    1. Helen Love, Ken McCaslin, Lynn Lassko, Dave Hamill, Mike Henderson, Andy Stechishin, Freida Hall, John Ritter, Nancy Wilson-Ramon, Jane Curry, Rick Haddorff
  2. TSC Report
    1. The Project scope statement was approved – did receive comments this today regarding how the instructions are documented regarding the instructions.
    2. Ambulatory Oncology EHR Functional Profile project was approved.
    3. Template Registry Project was approve (This is piloting a tool). Tooling did approve that this is co-sponsored project.
    4. PHR Alteration White Paper – placed directed to The C group for review.
  3. Steering Division Reports
    1. Electronic Services
      1. No updates –
      2. On-line presence project – Started with a discussion regarding defining on-line presence and looked at what is already out there for the discussion.
    2. International Mentoring
      1. Put together an HL7 workshop in the Philippines. Small meeting what the next steps should be for that country. Have an invite to be distributed. Long awaited first step, really looking at this as a first step to restart the process.
    3. Process Improvement
      1. No met since last update. Have a new Co-chair – Helen Love Stevens
    4. Project Services
      1. Project Scope statement is approved. Revisited all groups for project clean-ups to make sure everyone made their milestone. Looking at the project scope statement and how the SEAFE will impact the life cycle.
    5. Tooling
      1. Working on supporting testing of NHS static model designer and getting ready for the WGM. Updated on the state of all the technical work is. Next years technical plan
    6. Education
      1. Working on the educational meeting at the May WGM in Rio. Have high confidence of having both Spanish and Portuguese language offerings. We also have English speaking tracks. Tuesday breakfast meeting to determine who will be present in May during the January WGM. Japan interested in providing eLearning, targeting mid year or later. Want the affiliate to facilitate the translation of the documents.
    7. Publishing
      1. Have ballot up and running.
  4. Planning – Scope Statements versus Strategic plans – how they relate to the TSC Roadmap projects
    1. Degree of alignment with the roadmap projects – Tooling not finding any process in place to manage this alignment. Project Scope Statement has a field to manage high-level criteria alignment (the strategic Initiatives). Any tracking done at the most specific level? What mechanism for tracking to the alignment to know that they are tracking properly. How do we know the projects are successful and have addressed the intended efforts. Do not have a process in place to measure this. The roadmap committee is working to make each item measurable. There is another document that talks about what should be a project and what should be in the three year plan that Lynn put together from the TSC and project services commented on it. Lynn will post this to the front page of the TSC page.
  5. January 2010 WGM Planning
    1. SD 3 year plan
    2. SD SWOT analysis
    3. Alignment of roadmap projects.
    4. Attendees at WGM (Monday night): Ken, Helen, Mike, Andy, Jane, Dave, Rick, John,