T3SD ConCall-20091116

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Meeting Admin

  1. Roll Call
    1. Ken McCaslin, Lynn Laasko, Dave Hamill, Mike Henderson, Rick Haddorff, Nancy Wilson-Ramon
    2. - Not an offical meeting because there were only 2 voting WG members present (Education and Project Services) and could not make quorum.
  2. Approve mintues from WGM
  3. TSC Report
    1. Approval of PSS for PSS 2010 updates
  4. Steering Division Reports
    1. Education
      1. Having problems making quorum - need to finalize the discussion so that CME credits can be applied from the last WGM.
    2. Electronic Services
      1. LinkedIn presences available.
      2. Using the new WGM registration process - Know there is a problem and have work in progess to fix
    3. International Mentoring
      1. no Report
    4. Process Improvement
      1. Reviewing requirements around co-chair WGM attendence
      2. Looking into ways for WGs to have meetings at WGM when co-chairs are not present - Particularily and issue with non-US meetings
    5. Project Services
      1. Working on final draft of the updates for the 2010 PSS
      2. Reviewing SAEFE document to determine if there is impact on how projects are managed or the project lifecycle.
    6. Publishing
      1. no report
    7. Tooling
      1. no report
  5. Proposed agenda for 11/23
    1. Project Scope Statement 2010 Updates - Approve new document
    2. Project Services - review and approve new Mission and Charter
    3. Review January 2010 WGM Agenda
  6. January 2010 WGM Planning
    1. SD 3 year plan
    2. SD SWOT analysis