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Every other Monday beginning July 13 at 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time:
Use HL7 Conference Call service
Phone Number: 770-657-9270
Participant Passcode: 226122#


  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
    2. Accept Agenda
    3. TSC meeting Report
      1. Three Year Plan - Updates
        1. Ken shared the work going on at the TSC regarding the practice of reviewing the SWOT and 3-year plans from each WG and SD. It is believed that this is important work and the TSC is working to provide a process to follow. See TSC meeting minutes for 13 July 2009.
      2. Project approved to let Project Services update Project Insight status from WG
      3. TSC Report - Done without input - the TSC eNews was created by Ken at the last minute without input from the team. Ken will be more proactive and ask each co-chair to provide input.
      4. Update regarding ARB - Patrick provided the update. Looking at filling out the documents and slides. Each had been completed at different points and all need to be reconcilled to be consistent and correct. They have reached out a number of groups to do an alpha of the SAEFE. Will meet out of cycle during harminzation. Primary focus will be to putting together educational material. It should be noted that there was a strong desire to replace the name with something more approrirate but since nothing has surfaced that is acceptable everyone has gone back to using the original name and unless something surfaces soon, it will likely stick.
  2. Review Educations SWOT and 3 year Plan - no one present from eduation.
  3. Update SWOTs and 3 year plans for 2010
    1. September due date for WG - Agreed to have WG updates done for review at the SD meeting in Atlanta WGM.
    2. January due date for SD - Agreed to roll-up WG updates and have final draft completed to present to the TSC for the January WGM.
  4. Update from Teams - Ken suggested that from this point forward, we should have a round table of updates from each of the WGs.
    1. Electronic Services - Dave provide input that the list server has been updated to release 10 without any issues, the wiki username/password has been removed for users who want to review documents, the document location has been added to the WG landing page, and that the new look for the web site will be released at the end of the month.
    2. Project Services - Freida indicated they provided the updates requested by the TSC to the coversheet templates were completed and placed on the document services web page. A Electronic ballot chart so assist with decisions needed to make a ballot has been provided as a standalone document as well as being provided to PIC for inclusion in the co-chair handbook. Edited sections for project insight in the updated co-chair handkbook. Working on the Poject insight clean-up project.Lynn Lasko has joined the team.
    3. PIC - Co-Chair handbook - Ken provided the update since he attended their call on Friday. They are in the final phase of updating the co-chair handbook and are targetting the September WGM for delivery.
    4. Publishing - No report.
    5. Tooling - Jean provided the update. There are a number of short term tactical projects for the new tooling environment. gForge is being hosted at the end of the month since the current host can no longer support. This will require a new URL to get to gForge. Action item: Jean to create a eNews article preparing membership for the change of URL for gForge when it is re-hosted. Rehost is expected in the very near future.
    6. Education - no report.
  5. (10 min) New Business
    1. Project Approvals - TSC Project Approval – All WG Chairs receive the announcement of projects – Do the WG’s need these projects to be assembled and shared with the group? Patrick suggested that Helen and Ken deal with this by exception assuming that WG Chairs are reading the Project Scope statements and if there are problems they will notify Helen or Ken if they have issues. No disagreements with this statement from other members.
  6. Agenda for 24 July
    1. TSC Updates
    2. Follow-up regarding T3SD voting for TSC and T3SD co-chairs
    3. WG Round Table


  • Helen Love


  • Ken McCaslin - Co-chair/Scribe
  • Bill Braithwaite - ES
  • Jean Duteau - Tooling
  • Freida Hall - PS
  • Dave Hamill - PMO
  • Patrick Loyd - ES

Meeting Minutes