T3SD ConCall-20080110

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  1. (5 min) Meeting Admin
    1. Roll Call
    2. Accept Agenda
    3. TSC meeting Report
      1. Update on TSC appointed committees proposals
      2. Status of ARB
      3. Tooling comments
  2. (5 min) Review agenda for WGM
  3. (10 min) New Business


  • Ken McCaslin(Chair)
  • Helen Stevens Love (co-chair) - V3 Publishing
  • Lloyd McKenzie - Tooling
  • Patrick Loyd - Electronic Services
  • Dave Hamill - HL7-HQ/HL7 PMO
  • Abdul Malik Shakir - Education

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting Admin
  • Roll Call
  • Accept Agenda
  • TSC meeting Report
    • Reviewed the decision regarding what was originally board appointed committees where the TSC has asked that the committees decide how select co-chairs elected or appoint, and then the co-chairs are presented to the SD for approval and ratified by the TSC.
    • Update on ARB - almost all positions have been filled except a Candian representative and a vocabulary committee representative. It is expected that Cecil Lynch will be the vocab representative and that the new ARB will be kicked off at the WGM.
  • Ken then asked Helen if she had any thing to report. Helen then informed the SD that she has resigned as co-chair of publishing due to her overloaded "real job". Ken then indicated that these would be huge shoes to fill and that she had done a wonderful job steering the V3 Publishing effort for the last 6 years. Ken further outlined what Charlie McCay had indicated regarding TSC SD co-chairs, the candidates needed co-chair experience however it did not imply they needed to be current co-chairs. Helen asked for the group to comment on their feelings regarding the tenure of a resigned co-chair of a committee and if she could continue to serve as SD co-chair. Patrick Loyd and Lloyd McKenzie both felt she should continue in her SD co-chair role if she is able. Helen asked that final decision be made during the WGM SD meeting when more members of the SD were present and could comment.
  • Project Services - Reviewed the Project Services committee charter. Motion to accept the charter by Helen and Seconded by Patrick. Vote: 5 approve, 0 negatives, 0 abstains.
    • Ken agreed to ask this question prior to asking for approval from the TSC: Does this need to be presented to the ARB first rather than presented to the TSC, based on past processes.
    • On further review it was recommended that the title Proposed Makeup be replaced with Committee Composition. In this section the last line "The Project Services Committee would be a member of the Technical and Support Services Steering Division." be removed and replace everything defined under Formal Relatiohships with other HL7 Groups. That the committee should develop formal relationships with other committees and state those relationships as they formulate them during their initial meetings.
    • Ken to distribute updated documents.

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