T3SD ConCall-20071025

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  1. Standing Item: Ken report from TSC
  2. Meeting processes – how formal? How structured?
  3. Designate SD representative to Technical Editing Project Advisory Committee
  4. Should we have open meetings and encourage others to attend as non-voting?
  5. DMP Discussion Items:
    1. AMS- Need discussion on how to decide quorum
    2. Voting status of staff



Ken McCaslin – Chair/ESC

Jane Curry/Tooling

Jane Foard/Publishing

Dave Hamill/HL7 HQ

Helen Stevens Love/Publishing

Meeting Minutes

  • Since Ken did not distribute the meeting minutes until today, the vote to accept the meeting minutes will be postponed to 8 November call
  • Ken reviewed the events at the TSC meeting:
    • Provided the TSC Issues email address which can be found in the meeting notes for the 15 October meeting (on the HL7TSC wiki)
    • Provided update on the ARB
    • This SD needs to think about who should be our representative (We agreed it does not need to be a SD co-chair)
    • This SD also needs to be the group that recommends the v2 & v3 representative
    • This will be an agenda item for the next call
  • Reviewed wiki web site for SD
  • Review of Decision Making Practices – started with word document distributed to server prior to call
    • Section on Constituency & voting
    • Minor edits in the main section and the last paragraph
    • Agreed to use the T3SD acronym to represent this SD
    • Action item: Ken to update with the committee list and voting rights
    • Action item: Ken to distribute the SD practices to other SDs to make sure there is continuity across SDs
    • Decision around meeting minutes and primary voter
    • As noted in the section edited above, only one vote per committee.
    • As multiple co-chair from a committee join, they will establish who has the vote.
    • As a co-chair leaves the committee re-establishes who now owns the vote for their committee
    • Meeting minutes for each voting item will establish when there are multiple co-chairs present at the call who had the vote for a committee
    • Action item: Update decision making practices with edits and upload to wiki, then produces new word document for review 11/08/07 Ken
  • Action item: Reach out to Marketing to see if they would also like voice and no vote on this SD 10/25/07 Ken

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