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SSD Steering Group

Minutes of Dec 03, 2007

John RitterIntel Corporation, Digital Health Groupjohn.ritter@intel.comEHR
R. Matthew SailorsThe Methodist Hospitalmsailors@tmhs.orgCDS, Arden
Seppala, GreggVAGregg.Seppala@va.govPA
Susan LeppingSiemens Medical Solutions Health Servicessusan.lepping@siemens.comFM
Patrick LoydGordon Point Informatics Ltd OO
Bob DolinKaiser Permanenterobert.h.dolin@kp.orgSD
Calvin BeebeMayo Cliniccbeebe@mayo.eduSD


Implementation Guide Tooling

Bob presented a request to establish a tool for generating implementation guides for CDA documents. He noted that there is a need to identify the requirements for a tool to accomplish this. Gregg encouraged Bob to investigate OHT as a possible source for the tooling. He also encouraged Bob to consider moving the tooling to Eclipse. Gregg finished up with a suggestion that Bob’s proposal be broken into two parts, the first to obtain requirements and the second to actually develop the tool. Bob indicated that development of a Prototype on top of the current VISIO tooling was being seriously considered in order to better understand the requirements.

It was suggested that this topic be discussed at the Monday evening SSD meeting in San Antonio, TX.

Bob dropped off after presenting this 1st topic.

Discuss software tool for EHR Profiles

John presented a discussion on development of tooling in order to support EHR profile review and development. He noted that currently the EHR topics and documentation are narrative, and that it should be possible to establish a set of rules which would help people build profiles. Once they can create these profiles, then they submit this to NIST to be reviewed. After some discussion a motion was made and accepted which proposed that requirements be developed and reviewed by this group. The motion follows:

Motion: EHR committee wants to establish a set of requirements for a proposed tool that can be used for the following use cases: • EHR requirements browser • EHR Profile creation tool

Made by: Ritter, Second: Susan

Vote - For – 6, Against – 0, Abstaining – 0 Motion Passed

Nominate S&SD representatives to the new ARB

The TSC is reforming the ARB group into a larger and hopefully more active group. They are requesting a volunteer from SSD to participate in the ARB. Charlie Mead has been setup to initially chair the group. Volunteers need to be able to participate 1 hour a week on the ARB conference call, work 3-4 hours a week on ARB issues, and participate in ARB meetings at the HL7 Working Group Meetings.

Weekly - 1 hours teleconference, 3-4 hours work and attendance at WGM

Calvin indicated that he would send a note to all the SSD Co chairs requesting that they solicited an ARB volunteer. As we will only be given one representative, if more that one applies, a quick ballot will be e-mailed to SSD Committees “co-chairs” in order to identify the designated representative.

Identify S&SD requirements for the new Project Management process

Given the scale of activities and needs for the SDO, the TSC needs to keep track of all existing projects currently underway by HL7 committees. As a result they are reviewing the current project management process and would like to obtain feedback from the various steering committees on any requirements that we might have on functionality within the project management system.

One potential requirement identified was:

1. Search for projects –based upon criteria.

Calvin indicated that he would send out a request to all the Co chairs on this request.