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SSD Steering Group

Minutes of Nov 12, 2007

Hans BuitendijkSiemenshans.buitendijk@siemens.comOO
John RitterIntel Corporation, Digital Health Groupjohn.ritter@intel.comEHR
Seppala, GreggVAGregg.Seppala@va.govPA
R. Matthew SailorsThe Methodist Hospitalmsailors@tmhs.orgCDS, Arden
Susan LeppingSiemens Medical Solutions Health Servicessusan.lepping@siemens.comFM
Kenneth McCaslinQuest Diagnostics, Incorporatedkenneth.h.mccaslin@questdiagnostics.comLAB
Calvin BeebeMayo Cliniccbeebe@mayo.eduSD


The Laboratory Orders IG project proposal:

Based on most current conversations to clarify the scope and intent, the attached document reflects the most current proposed Project Statement for the Order Management Laboratory Order to Laboratory Implementation Guide Project. This will be presented to the Structured and Semantic Design SD for approval to enable us to formally start this project.

Laboratory Implementation Guide Project (Orders IG)

Minutes: We currently have two results oriented guides; one supporting lab results for EHR and the other for Elinks, both are for results messages. This project is for an Order implementation guide that correlates with what is needed for the orders side and compliments the previous guides developed for resulting.

Motion - Move that the SSD accepts the Project statement for the IG AS submits HANS. CDS (Mat Sailors) seconded.

Vote: For – 5, Against – 0, Abstaining – 0 Motion Passed

Ken dropped off the call.

Two project proposals were submitted by the EHR TC:

As required by the new HL7 process, attached are two project scope statements for upcoming EHR TC ballots. Both are long-standing projects which have been reviewed extensively within the EHR TC. Item 2 was developed in collaboration with the Structured Documents TC with input from the Security TC.

Electronic Health Record Lifecycle Model (EHR/LM)DTSU

Hans - requested a slight revision of the proposal to indicate the interoperability aspects of the project. Revisions were accepted as a friendly amendment. Motion: Request that SSD accepts the amended Electronic Health Record Lifecycle Model project proposal. Second from Hans

Vote - For – 5, Against – 0, Abstaining – 0 Motion Passed

CDA Release 2 Reference Profile for EHR Interoperability

Motion: made by John Ritter, requests acceptance by SSD of the CDA Release 2 Reference Profile for EHR Interoperability. After some discussion and a minor amendment, it received a second - Hans

Vote - For – 5, Against – 0, Abstaining – 0 Motion Passed