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SSD Steering Group

Minutes of Oct 12, 2007

John RitterIntel Corporation, Digital Health Groupjohn.ritter@intel.comEHR
Lenel JamesBlue Cross Blue Shield Associationlenel.james@bcbsa.comEHR
R. Matthew SailorsThe Methodist Hospitalmsailors@tmhs.orgCDS, Arden
Susan LeppingSiemens Medical Solutions Health Servicessusan.lepping@siemens.comFM
Kenneth McCaslin* Ada Sofia PiertopaobQuest Diagnostics, Incorporatedkenneth.h.mccaslin@questdiagnostics.comLAB
Calvin BeebeMayo Cliniccbeebe@mayo.eduSD


Behavioural Health Functional Profile

The group has been following the internal PIC process and then requested to the TC that they would like to go to ballot. Attached was the project proposal, as required to ballot the profile. Industry request to have this available for certification. The project is done and the paperwork needs to be done.

Project proposal for Behavioural Health Functional Profile

Minutes: Motion to approve proposal as submitted – James, Second - Jane

Vote: For – 8, Against – 0, Abstaining – 0 Motion Passed

Arden Syntax 2.7

A technical issue was identified in release 2.6, this release will correct the issue and also add a couple of new features. Listed below is a listing of the enhancements planned for the standard.

· Fix technical problem found in Arden Syntax 2.6 relating to use of the “AT” time operator when used in conjunction with the “write … at …” statement · Expand assignment operator to support addressing specific elements of a list · Add support for passing of parameters to the constructor/initializer of objects created using the “NEW” operator

Project proposal for Arden Syntax 2.7

Motion to approve proposal as submitted – Matt, Second Lenel

Vote - For – 8, Against – 0, Abstaining – 0 Motion Passed

The group discussed a proposal to create a software tool which can be used to create EHR Profiles. This topic will be discussed at the Nov. 5th SDD meeting.

Motion to End Meeting - For – 8, Against – 0, Abstaining – 0 Motion Passed