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SSD Steering Group

Minutes of Sept 17, 2007

Calvin BeebeMayo
Keith BooneGE
Susan LeppingSiemens Medical Solutions Health
John RitterIntel Corporation, Digital Health


Establishment of Meeting / Conference Call Schedule

After some discussion, it was agreed that to begin, the Structure & Semantic Design Steering Division would plan on a monthly conference call between working group meetings (WGM). The call will be scheduled on the 1st Monday of every month at 4 PM eastern time.

It was further proposed that agenda items should be submitted no later than three days prior to the meeting date, so that they can be sent out no later than two days prior to the meeting date. Agenda items should be emailed to both Calvin ( and Gregg (

Lastly, the group discussed the timing of the Structure & Semantic Division (SSD) meeting during the 3 annual working group meetings. After some discussion, it was decided that the SSD meeting would convene 10 minutes after the Plenary Co-Chair Meeting on Monday evening.

Openness of Structure & Semantic Design WIKI site

The committee reviewed the question of how open the WIKI site should be. Specifically, two options were reviewed. 1. Allow only Structure & Semantic co-chairs access to the WIKI site. 2. Allow any HL7 co-chair access to the WIKI site.

It was noted in the discussion that groups like OO have SIGs in other Steering Divisions which need access to minutes and materials of the OO group. After some discussion, it was mutually agreed that option 2 would be appropriate. Therefore, SDD would like to allow any HL7 co-chair access to the Structure & Semantic WIKI site.

Volunteer for Technical Editing Advisory group

A request for volunteers to sit on a Technical Editing Advisory group was discussed. Two volunteers have stepped forward. Keith Boone and Savithri Devaraj. After some discussion, it was agreed that both should be offered up.