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Co-Chairs Plenary (Dinner and Meeting) for January 2009 WGM

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Monday, January 12, 5:30-7pm CoChairs Plenary

  1. Update from HQ
  2. Update from Project Services/ PMO
  3. CTO Report – John Quinn
  4. TSC Progress/ Update – Charlie McCay
  5. Harmonization and V3 Report – Woody Beeler [1]
  6. Updated Decision Making Practices (DMPs) from PIC –June Rosploch/Nancy Wilson- Ramone
    • Nancy announced that in an upcoming email there will be two links to the new DMPs, and a ‘delta document’ where viewers can see the changes to the original DMP. She asked that committees look at the delta document to check for the presence of requested changes, and vote to approve the new DMPs in your groups as appropriate.
    • The next task for the DMP development is to tackle the issues of e-voting.
  7. Best Practice Guidelines for Ballot Resolution – Grahame Grieve
    • Grahame showed a page accessible from the InM site on the HL7 wiki listing their Best Practices for Ballot Resolution at [2]. He also offered an example of summary motions based on ballot comments in an email titled “Prepared Motions for ISO datatypes.
    • It was noted that the EHR commenting tool was also very effective and it was noted that CEN was planning to make it open source in a few weeks.
  8. Open Mic
    1. Grahame noted that committee schedules were inconsistently posted between the wiki and gforge. They should be standardized on how they’re published.
    2. Klaus Veil seconded Grahame’s observation and suggested to use the new wiki template for each WG to house a link to their upcoming meeting schedule (where ever that may be), and hoped that as soon as one week after today already to have their Kyoto meeting schedules set. This was met with much hilarity and incredulity…
    3. Alean Kirnak from PHER took the mic and described the HITSP TC cochair presentation’s account of the 12-month cycle HITSP follows, where their agenda is set to finish in one year. She noted that HL7 needs to cycle with them for joint projects.
      • John Quinn responded to say that the not only are the cycles too dramatically different, but it is also a matter of their paid participation versus the HL7 volunteer body.
    4. Keith Boone (Structured Documents) noted that for the Care Management/ Health Rec face to face in February they are looking for SME input on standards
      • John Quinn suggested he could speak to Ed Larson or Bob …?
    5. HSSP is now working in a joint work group with OMG. Richard Soley (CEO of OMG) will speak to the BOD tomorrow (Weds, 1/13/09), and they are calling for participation.
    6. Lise Stevens addressed a need to have cross-coordination of projects happening outside of SD. She observed that there was movement in the right direction within the Steering Division, talking about what is going on with all work groups, but more is needed cross-SD.
      • Austin Kreisler commented that he was familiar with the project that had prompted the concern Lise raises, and remarked that it had not yet been approved by even the SD yet, and after SD approval would still go to the TSC.
      • Lise further commented that organizational (vendor) projects spill into the SDO environment and we’re expected to do harmonization on it, when it’s an organizational project.
    7. Kathleen Connor brought up overlapping FM work, and the need to align projects even within a SD.

Adjourned 7:25 pm.